Sunday, July 31, 2005

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TwoThousandFiveJuly ~1WkBreak~

woah.. fially got time to blog something.. monday morning go simlim shopping till almost forgot.. den go meet qian n gang go orchard.. saw classmates.. tues go get to noe bout nj2005.. saw her.. dao sia.. we not mortal enemies wat.. den go back office there help solve tat grid map thing.. 2am reach home.. -.-.. wed whole day there watch n learning electronics.. see him do tat radio control thing.. n stil doing grid map.. 2am reach home.. -.-.. thurs.. go help uncle o.. reprinted grid map.. works fine.. learning breadboarding.. 2am reach home.. -.-.. fri.. shag.. cannot wake up.. finding formal clothes.. go help tp grad.. went to watch fahtatic 4.. den dinner wif aunts.. woot slept earlier at 1am.. sat.. go shoppin wif mom den go home eat.. den go out watch fireworks.. siansation pick wrong spot cannot see anything.. den 3 of us go ps watch 210am wetdreams2 *poot poot* den go home next morning.. sun.. woke up around 12.. eat lunch den go play poolz till nite time.. den go home watch Mr wu zhong xian make fun of pple..
..~†W€€†Žhµn† Signing off~..

TwoThousandFiveJuly ~8th~

Woah~! test nia mah.. all chiong till....... the brain going to explode like tat.. i see the MAfit paper.. i luf ah.. so bloody easy.. make me study so much den come out poot a bit nia.. den the POM yesterday.. pro sia.. 15 mark qns base on Organising under job design which is under job enrichment that says JOb characteristics model AND HAVE TO EXPLAIN THE BLOODY 5 POINTS down there watttt the hell... i hear pple cursing n swearing away cause it's not in the mind map.. cause is a sub point of a sub point.. den hor the wat rubbish EBM.. never study.. dunno how 2 study.. the lec there tok cock tok cock.. pple half bucket full of knowledge his ah almost empty.. i dun listen still fine.. more i listen more i sieah.. anywayz.. just cocked all the rubbish the paper den i left.. siansation.. dun like to see tat fat uncle's face.. den go eat some snacks b4 going to meet uncle nana .. nara.. he say next friday must dress nice nice come back skool happy happy listen to important pple tok tok den see tp year3s go happy happy den we oso happy happy get another paper tat says we got help in sending those overaged bastarrds away from tp.. anywayz.. 3more sem n is our turn to be sent away..

later still got tat DBIS..tml still got UIR..but not in the mood to study.. thinking of things to do next wk.. Da one wk break.. woot.. finally..
..~†W€€†Žhµn† Signing off~..

TwoThousandFiveJuly ~2nd~

HApppppppppppppppppppppie Birthday to SN.. yeah.. i had fun today.. as requested by miss liming the pics are uploaded.. go links den my photos.... while i UL the photos i jusst realized tat some photos are not shared -_-~ now should see alot more photos.. :) to BITs : all da Best for ur mid-sem.. take care enjoy the 1wk break.. ps. dun try to get sub-mid-sem-paper hor~
..~†W€€†Žhµn† Signing off~..

TwoThousandFiveJune ~13th~

It's just like dream.. isit a dream? it sure feels like dream.. but how does one differentiate the dream world or the real world?..Am i in the dreamWorld or in the RealWorld?.. remember the last time u had an unforgetable dream?..the kind which stays in your mind and you kept thinking about it after u woke up and know it's a dream.. it sure feels real.. but it's not.. it's just a dream.. And i just woke up from one.. yes.. this memory will be with me for a long time to come...
..~†W€€†Žhµn† Signing off~..

TwoThousandFiveJune ~10th~

started today wif a boring lesson.. dunno wat the teacher gonna do next time but now's quite boring.. MAfit sianz ah.. P/L n job costing.. wanna slp slp.. cannot slp.. the cher waah the hearing pro sia.. speak so softly oso can hear.. must be careful next time wat i say..den class work.. do so fast.. got out like 45mins earlier.. den went wif jayson to eat den go walk walk a while... sianz tm walk till noting to see alreadly.. den came back to skool.. still early so went to print the bloody acc book qns out.. i not bringin tat book every wk just for 1 bloody question.. den jayson oso copy 1set den went to library do my fav passtime.. listen music n sleep.. -.-.. maybe tat's not wat i wanna do for the rest of my life so dun concider as fav passtime.. but a time passer.. dunno why leh.. maybe still haven out of the holiday mood yet.. goin skool still a sian thing for me.. den go lec E-BizMgt WAH BIG SIANSANONATOR.. zZz.. his every lec he will make me fall asleep1 leh.. even when i hav woke up fresh from the library.. starting he toks fine.. den after 1 hr.. he dunno tok wat liaoz... dun understand wat he saying... den he like rushing to watch JJ concert like tat... rush through the 2nd haf of the lec.. which is around 32slides.. anywayz aftertat.. got out.. thought can go home liaoz... but forgot need to meet bout the EBizMgt project.. how ironic.. ended earlier the lec.. but have to stay back for the project.. haizzz.. i gave them da piece of jay n my research.. den they didnt say anything just say email them.. so went to freshen up myself drinkin from the watter cooler hoping it was cold.. but is not.. had tok wif ler n gang.. so long nvr tok liaoz.. den gwen sit so far away from me in klass oso cannot tok like last sem like tat liaoz.. den they wanna take some pics so did a favor for them lor~ hmm looks like got new member in gang liaoz.. den after taking pictures saw the EbizMgt group leaving liaozz.. so i took my leave oso...

Went back home.. wash up a bit.. rest a bit.. den go bugis meet wif Junwen n Chuenlong.. long time no see but he haven change much.. den go marinaBay.. came out of the train i saw some1 who is very familar sitting there on the stone chair.. AHA~ KAisZe.. long time nooo see ar~ 6yrs no see liaoz ba.. 1st thing see me is pull my hair zZz.. so long no see still the same.. but grow up liaoz woh long hair liao woh.. become chio liaoz woh.. den went up the escalator.. see a bunch of pple sitting ther and i didnt realize it's them WAHZZ yishen chinteck kaifeng still got.. er.. cant remember.. den 3 of us joined them GOT lots of catchin up to do.. aha.. we were talking while more joined us.. wahzz n den YAnDao came.. junyi wahseh.. blonehair.. the hair.. wah... big change sia.. den den we were all there pressing handphones.. er.. exchanging phone NOs. lah.. all together was 12.. yuyan cannot eat.. so she went off earlier.. 5gals.. chinteck kaisze bihui chernhui liming n 7guys. chuenlong kaifeng jianzhang yishen junyi junwen n yah.. me.. go out of the mrt.. gets annoyed by the steamboat pple again.. haiyo.. anyway in the end got up the bus to go zhengFa there eat steamboat..den juncheng joined in.. i so "lucky" sia.. sit inbetween 4 gals...... buhui n me kanna make fun of.. -.-... after so many years still like tat.. Zzz

anywayz.. left tat hot n sticky place.. went to search for some entertainment there but cannot find.. pool's closed.. den see bowling alley oso mostly full.. den got arcade.. but bloody noisey.. sian ah.. so decided to go to town area.. orchard road ar~.. go ther gang walk.. went to cini den see friday night crowd.. no place at all.. so have to walk to meraidian there.. see all the pool oso full.. sianz all sit there stoning den kanna chased out by security guard.. so decide to go further to pardize... but chinteck gonna go back n kaisze got things tml n kaifeng so they went back 1st.. den we went to search.. got tables so we got 2tables to play..all of us enjoyed ourselves cause got great entertainment.. played till around 1-2am den we all very tired liaoz.. so decided to call it a day.. some went on taxi.. den others walk home cause it's quite near..

wah 6years 1 meeting.. so next 1 have to wait for another 6 years ar.. Zzz hope tat we'll have another 1 in early dec ba.. TAKE CARE guys~
..~†W€€†Žhµn† Signing off~..

TwoThousandFiveJune ~8th~

tong hua...

Wang le you duo jiu, Zai mei ting dao ni
Dui wo shuo ni zui ai de gu shi,
Wo xiang le heng jiu,
Wo kai shi huang le
Shi bu shi wo you zhuo cuo le sheng me.
Ni ku zhe dui wo shuo,
Tong hua li dou shi bian ren de.
wo bu ke neng shi ni de wang zhi.
ye xu ni bu hui dong,
cong ni shuo ai wo yi hou,
wo de tian kong xing xing dou liang le.

Wo yuan bian chen Tong hua li,
Ni ai de na ke tian shi,
Zhan kai shuang shou
Bian cheng chi ban shuo hu ni.
ni yao xiang xing,
xiang xing wo meng
hui xiang tong hua gu shi li,
xing fu he kuai le shi jie ju
Yi Qi Xie Wo Meng De Jie Ju.....

Haizzz so wuLiaoz though i am suppose to my proj n skool work and bla bla bla loads of work to do but now i dun feel like continuing.. haizz dunno why just feel like bloging.. so lonely alone at the Cold cold sili lab there is still sometime till the lec comes.. wah cant believe it.. i have been here so long n no 1 comes in except me.. and only a handful of pple walked passed only.. For 7. hope u drop-by my blog when u have the time.. dun think so much lah.. i oso daydream alot.. but i daydream bout going out n play.. den i would like smile den pple would think i am crazy.. maybe u can learn from me... er.. the daydreaming about happy things part.. wat i say might seem crude but listen to wat i have to say.. you shouldnt feel lonely.. you have yourself to keep you company.. you are one whole.. you dont need some1 to complete you. you should be happy and sufficient by yourself.. i know u value your friends alot but they do not complete you.. you complete yourself.. they however close are add-ons, spices of your life pple around you are just that pple around you.. inside you.. should be full even if these pple around you leave you behind for some unreasonable reason or for no reason at all.. they are not there to fill up holes and gaps in you.. they are icing on the cake.. and if there is no icing on the cake, there is still the cake.. though not as nice without the icing, it's still concidered the cake.. even the icing taste yicky.. u can still remove it and change into a toping you like but even then the expired icing shouldnt turn the cake itself yikey.. i hope you understand what i meaning lah..dun feel bad lah.. cheer up k?.. i know your chinese is very good but too bad the MOE pple are talking in english.. if you want to complain.. you MUST LEARN ENGLISH.. haiz.. even if you dun like english you still have to improve on it.. this is life.. when u go jc or poly next time.. english is in everything.. and chinese is no where to be seen.. u know i haven touched chinese since i grad.. it's been 2 years lor.. n now my chinese sux.. oh no... lessons starting... no time to continue.. i will write the 2nd part for 11. when i get home... take care of yourself 7!

Since my cher say wat bloody blog is not personal property all pple can come n see so it's better not to say any names rite? of course.. especially those sneaky chers who anyhow come look at pple's blogs.. u watch out ar!!!

HeyHey For 11. i happy for u tat u got ur fav no jersey not bad sia.. ur coach n teachers... gif u inspirational toks.. hope tat u are inspired.. n ur chers wont waste their saliva.. n hor!!! UR studies are also important hor! i dun expect u to get all A1's but hor need to at least be satisfactory hor~ hmmm seems tat u have less prob den 7 dun need me to say too much ;p u 2 become 7-11 liaoz woh.. take carez woh~ lots of lov~
wha... after typing so much my brain like empty liaoz.. kkblogz another time..
..~†W€€†Žhµn† Signing off~..

TwoThousandFiveMay ~29th~

Ell0z... long time no blog... skool started 1wk liaoz... hmmm 2nd yr in tp seemed nice... more of the management n biz topics.. tat means no more bloody formulars n equations to remember... i hope... those topics tat like tok some sense can pass den alot of sense get goode grades i like... cause dun need to study... anywayz.. this year the freshenmen BLoody endu sia.. annoyingly endu.. haizzz but towards friday all siam alreadly... can get into normal dae in tp.. without so many pple blocking here n there... looking at the time table.. got 26 hrs a wk this sem.. most packed sem of my study in tp..bout 5hrs a day.. endin skool bout 3-4 in the evening most of the days......

haizz bloody hellz today kanna woken up at 545am!! by my di's alarm clock.. he thought wat still got skool ar... holiday liaoz must like tat torture me... sianzsation... and the best part is he doesnt wake up... but instead i woke up... haizz.. cant slp ba... maybe too happy yesterday.. toss n turn in my bed still awake... so got up n blogz~ oh yah... freak..... have to remind myself... ALWAYS BRING MINT!!!! CURSES... haizz... must slap myself awake ar... ayo so important a thing will forget to's like in a game den you have completed all the objectives in a level.. about to go into the next lvl.. den the bloody door wont open.. and u remembered at the startin that time there is an important thing tat u forgot.. by the time u walk all the way back n get that... haizzz time's up liaozzz go home liaoz..... anyway yesterday was fun on the whole..

lucky yesterday that grouping... didnt get into the same group as tat screwed-up tat had this stupid idea of developin a mest.... clock... one shot know that they dun understand girls liaoz... throw mens' face aR~! might as well become a girl den let them suffer through den they will know... lucky huihui cannot stand it... shoooooot them down ar.. salute~ so much for the screwed-ups... i got into a notbad group... quite interesting workin wif new pple.. Zzzz sometimes i just see myself not concentrating.. daydreaming away... it's getting worse den the last two sem... maybe i shant think too much n just stare blindly at the lecturer.. maybe tat will help...
..~†W€€†Žhµn† Signing off~..

TwoThousandFiveMay ~8th~

~HaPPY MAMAs' DAY~ to all ur mama n my mama.Dun tell me u forgotten... todae is da day where u mama is the big bige boss... go sit on couch and be waited by the whole famile.... bear wif it... it's just todae... den everything would be back to normal... ;þ just kiddin... anywayz today's mother's day~ should let ur mama feel some lobe(love) from you if u are not givin it to her every day, den todae is da dae....

last week ar~ scgs not bad ar~ Beaten moi eye-sore FUUUUUUUUUUU er.... fhss~ how should i put it... they had been moi mortal enemy since moi chung cheng daes.... since i am no longer able to compete in lego robotic competitions for schools (like their senior oso...)i shall pass down my inner strength to the young ones... now i think i have found the chosen ones... see scrobotics perform in srg20005... i can see the potential in them ar... not bad sia~ just the sec1s wif the slowest robot can beat fhss liaoz... the seniors i see through them liaoz... all is gif chance for fh 1... den their cheers... pro sia... dunno come out from where 1 so syncronized 1.... anywhere anyhow oso can shout together 1... but hor... dun be so happy ar~ happy till forgot about all the equipment... next time i see tat... i would concider getting myself an powerBook oso... Besides tat... this year i saw more on other events like the chio legged race... and the sibei chio sumo... soon gonna get me a pair of motors and start building moi own sumo bot... taken lots of pics from srg20005 will upload them soon... oh yah... n the FRS photos 2005... is at Serious Screwed-up Center(SSC) haven uploaded their photos... i just checked... these are the photos jamie gave me... got 297 photos ssc really cannot make it lah... i so busy oso can mannage to put something up...

todae is a nice dae... todae's weather is very nice... raining in the morning slept my laze butt till 11 in the morning... cause reach home yesterdae... or isit todae....2am..... wake up feeling the cool windz n the sound of rain makes me switch of my brain again... was suppose to accompany moi ahma to see docs today... but cause raining... and den timing was too late scared the clinic closed liaoz so nv go... change to tml... this weather is only good for one thing... stoning... i got my hands on initial D stage 1... wahhahahahahahhahahahhahahaha muaahahahahh...... so watched it till around 5plus in the afternoon~ woot~ so chio the cars... can do drifting.... PiaoYi/XuaiWei in chinese... i wan 2nd stage... siao liaoz... addicted to initial D liaoz... nvm... i will get my hands on them tml... fall assleep after the last disc finish playing... den woke-up... saw moi mom cooking dinner.... ¯~¯!... todae momzy day leh... ayo... i took tat big big cooking thingy from her n took her place to cook dinner...

anywayz~ found a video of jay chou's Qi LiXiang Jay.wmv this video is very the.... dunno how 2 say... must watch den original jay's mtv but is just the lyrics are different but!!! the matching of those words are perfect~ cause jay singing is like unclear1 so can be replaced by similar words....... those innocent 1 i dun recommend watching... cause will pollute ur mind next time u listen to this song again...
..~†W€€†Žhµn† Signing off~..

TwoThousandFiveApril ~21st~

Elloz~ every one who is readin~ now i holidaes ar~ but still so busy haizzz..... still remember how life was like last year slackin away at home...just squeezed some time to do up a new skin for moi blog~ chio right? Right~ cause i do 1 wat~ ;p i hope next year will be like this year like tat... celebrate BD together... got 2 on 3rd den 1 on 4th, 1 on 5th... haizz i forgot still got 2 more on 6th... woot~ next year 6 pple celebrate BD together~ it will be fun~... any wayz... SRG is coming... just this morning went to mod a bot to become the can collector... muahhaha i am pro~! but haven test yet.... cause no time do prog... uncle Gil kanna sick... cannot go down to skool to teach... say me haveta help... Biangz~ the kids sia~ BLOODY loud... chaos...... if was me alone... i sure cannot take it.. sure scream at them 1... but got teachers there.... dun need me to shout... they help me shout can liaoz.... save moi energy... den go back to office... all chiong play warcraft3... played 2 games den they go eat i go home liaoz.... let uncle gil rest rest............ wah~.... siao..... 2am oreadly..... kaozz..... i thought was still early... clock spoit liaoz... gtg~
..~WeeZhun Signing off~..

TwoThousandFiveApril ~2nd & 3rd~

sat morning zzzzz 0930hrs bert say wanna pick me up but den 1030 den come... zzz he forgot to take somethingz~ pebbles~ i go juying there drybrushing KT's plate... on the way picking ms tan up sendin her to skool oso... haven got there suayism kicks in liaoz... missed an exit... haveta turn back... den got to her house pick her up den come out main road only, the temp rise up liaoz... siao liaoz... thought was no water.... ms tan offers to get water from her house... den open up see the bloody water tank is full.... but BOILING~!... haizzz dunno wat happen... so shut off engine there stare at the car... wait for it to cool down... den drive back to her house there... den ms tan went up to put somethingz den we go sit down drink coppie n eat indian ROOjiak n tok tok tok... well... ms tan did most of the talkings.... den she went to take mrt to skool... den we went to find some place to fix fix the car... reach there only... the pro come out see see den straight away see both the car fan not working... zzz use the most traditional way to start it leh... use spanna wack it ar~ den both start turning liaoz.... wah kaoz the 2fans cost 300++ kaoz... can buy an xbox liaoz.... so let the pro do the fixing... den wen to opp coffie shop to drink..... jia jia liang teh....... den see the Boss gif the dunno wat liang teh... zzzzz need the can.... not the drinkz~ haizzz... different can got different thickness 1... jia jia thicker... good for SRG practicing... anyway... still have to drink...... drink drink den tok tok bout starting my bizz... of moddin com... hoping to tie in wif skoolz cause bert got loads of skool contacts... den bert got a call toked for a long time sia~ den the uncle came over signaling he finish liaoz... after fixing the fan... no prob wif his car liaoz...

den chiong to juying liaoz... reach there he ask me help him carrry box of pebbles up go up 1st..... den i lift it only........WAAHHHZZZ siao liaoz.... bloody heavy.... he say is only half the bucket only.. zzz no wonder he have to take so long in the morning.. so he have to carry the pebbles up himself... den i go there start my work.... 1st drill hole..... zzzzz didnt see properly... drill wrong side..zzz kanna the "I" fell off... den have to super glue it back 1st den start drybrushing. den he there pull the branches out to cut cut... den see whazzz so many ants inside... some more big head 1.... den use umbrella like arcade game like tat squash bugs... drybrushing den cannot see the last 2 letters... have to go back office use silver or some other paint to highlight again... den pack up.. i help him finish packing up den he go down have a short meeting... carry all the stuff left down to the car there~ Qian say wanna meet me at 5.15 den i see the clock almost 5 liaoz... still at jurong..zz nvm... they say... so go fetch bud cause he nearby... den drop me at the cineleasure there almost 5.45 liaoz~ den go see they buying some cd... i see them they dun see me.... Boo~ works every time~ ;p anywayz~ i got a new T for my birthdae~ a green gorilla~ i like it~ den take mrt go rochor OG there find ade~ she there working till 7.30... while she not notice we sneak on her.. booo ;p she looking at the clothes... we there 2sides oso scare her ;p like army.... ambush like tat... still got ½ hr more so we walk walk 1st den go outside wait for her... i thought they have surprise for me... dun tell me wat they going to do but actually they have no plans~@.@!... aya~ den qian write on my arm liaoz~ write happy birthday den write some jap symbols oso.. tat she claims to be happy birthday in jap... maybe is some curse.... ;p den ade came out say she going home liaoz~ cause she tired liaoz.... den tml still have to work..... zzzzzz

den go to katong shopping center there bowlling~ see all the pros there... we cannot make it ar~ my 1st few shots all got into the drain... or is hit 1 or 2 only... den kt pro liao lor~ highest score~ qian there drop ball really drop ball... loudest bowler there liaoz... play till around 10++ ba... after 3 rounds... all is kt top sia~ den went to get a cab to doubigaut mrt... there they went home liaoz.... den i wait for uncle bert to come fetch me...they had dinner at the cinileaure there till that time...just nice finish liaoz lor.... den planning to go play pool~ so go back office 1st get cheese cake put 3big candles...... was for ms gan de... but den the shop gave wrong... so have make do wif it... so each 1 blow 1 candle... ms gan 1 ms wendy 1 n me 1 lor..... den uncle O was trying to unscrew the metal cap of the champain they kept at the office... wan me to pop tat thing.... but suddenly !!!~POP~!!! the cork go flying n left uncle O in shock...made a wish blow the candles den make a toast~ wahzzz my glass full de... say wat i 18 liaoz have to practice to drink.... anyway the cheese cake was very nice.... i oso got a DVD player from them...WHoohoo so chio~ den borrow some dvd there go back watch... den all sit down there tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok den tok bout ghost stories... until see the time... 2plus liaoz zzz the pool house oso close shop liaoz... den ms gan have meeting wif her friends~ i oso go homez slp liaoz~

den woke up some 8hrs later around 10am ... den planning my case... gonna cut them soon or else i wont be able to finish... den wait for my da n ma m di to wake-up den go to the newpark hotel there eat buffet lunch.... but den wat ½hr earlier!! the food not all is ready yet but the manager was kind enough to let us in to get something to eat... eat n eat n eat till around 1+ den slowly walk home... slack slack a while den gave uncle bert a call... they gonna eat so after eating den come fetch me go do some work...i slack till around 3 plus den go wif him go sim lim there shop shop..... zzzzz who noes... shop shop till overtime liaoz.. cause my aunt wan me to be back by 5 cause she coming oveeeer n wan me to predict the 1.5mil toto numbers for her... -.-~ chiong home but den she not here yet... so help moi mom cook..... wah lau cooking on my birthdae..... anywayz brounght all the dishes to the living room there eat while watch dvd...... den wait for every one to arrive den made my wish again...den chop up the cake den go out wif my aunt to go shopping... den buy supper back as well.... eat liaoz happen to see got <> on tv... so watch.. but missed the 1st part...see they so suay... like tat oso can miss each other... only after a earthquake den can meet.... den came to type this in before i forget... I had a great 18th birthdae weekend~ thankz every1 who remembered and those which i have to personally remind~ ;p

wah if i can write like tat for my projects i will be like top in the class liaoz woh... anywayz so tired after there long daes... tml gotta continue to do my personal project as well as prepare for my lessons at berdemeer gtg slp~
..~WeeZhun Signing off~..

Elloz~ long time no blogz seemz that i am too lazy... thought that i got time during the new year week to blogg but haizz have been busy snatching hongBaoz from my relativees.... ah i remember monday went to jaysons class there see see... wah very nice leh~ all the webbys... jayson there ji siao... make tat johans spent 10mins just to get to view the source.... i am about to do the same.... help my class buy some time drink coppee and finish up their webby... just hope tat johan dun mark mine last can liaoz....

any wayz toking bout yesterday.... so crazy... at the acc tut... many pple didnt do the acc tut.... so the santa was kinda pissed... so the rest he ignore... only call those who didnt... wat a blessing... den went to eat together... aftertat was stats... wow Vish did his tut and finish all of it for this week... cause this week got only class assignment... aha... the class was so crazy.... crazyer than normal... maybe cause the "test" was sooo easy den many pple get full marks... even vish get full marks lol den he was like danceing around the classroom,,,,,,, he was dancing around the classroom and den some LAo Kock Kock Came into the classroom wif 2 other old woman to stare at our cloths... Perverts... catching those who wear strips or low cut ba.... prob the LKK dun have any numbers for valentine day so have to take revenge den ask for the numbers........ Woot.... my aunt waiting at home for me.... so bad sia let her wait.... very soon den her hubby's car arrive liaoz.. didnt have time to bath somemore... so went to GeyLang there collect FaGao and all the other stuff... den alse buy the FAmouse Geylang Beef Guai Tiao.... den went to near my house there collect the roasted pig... whoa the smell... make me hungry... muslims they cannot eat pork right? should have let them smelled it... den hor went home hungry liaoz... eat eat... my experiment wif coke, Chicken wings and the microwave didnt work... have to rely on the Age old wok for cooking the coke wings... den bout time liaoz... move the furnitures around den place the offerings on the offerings table..... den the slacked till night time liaoz.... AhGong didnt buy vege so have to ask my aunt to buy in the middle of the night... dunno where she find it one... den call she call me to out bout 11plus go yum cha at the Rei Chun there... the dimsum was good... got time you all come over n try it... open from 6pm till 10am close on thursday... eat subber there.... very full sia.... just nice walk back... light the candles and the incense pray to the god.... while i watch my aunt perform her Get toto numbers ritual... got all the offerings downstairs... lol the lift didnt listen to bnutton pushing sia... while unloading on lvl 1... the lift beep3 times den closed the door.... offerings really went up to the sky sia... loll......... went down burn burn burn burn everything...... the flames was about 1 story high...... quite fun actually... can burn stuff legally.. lol.... see some guys crapz sia... got the burner dunwan to use any how put on floor burn liaoz....... later the cars in the carpark catch fire then they will get it ar~ KKz that's the end of my Chu Jiu Bai Tian Gong Day liaoz~ gtg slpZ

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Friday, July 01, 2005


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[[Tp Acad Calender]]
Term 3
Mon,7Nov2005 - Sat,24Dec2005
Sun,25Dec2005 - Sun,1Jan2006
Term 4
Mon,2Jan2006 - Sat,11Feb2006
Study Week
Sun,12Feb2006 - Sun,19Feb2006
Semestral Exam
Mon,20Feb2006 - Sat,4Mar2006
Sun,5Mar2006 - Sun,16Apr2006
Student Internship Programme(SIP)
Mon,10Apr2006 - Fri,28Jul2006 (16 weeks)

Diploma in Business Information Technology

Nov 05 - Feb 2006
Students apply to companies and submit self-secured
placement response forms and training programmes to
SIP Committee.
Companies confirm placements with SIP Committee.
Second briefing on SIP where students can indicate which
companies they are interested in and SIP Committee will
arrange students for interview with interested companies.

End Feb 2006
SIP Committee finalises student allocation to companies.

Mid Mar 2006
Liaison Officers (LO) make pre-SIP visits to companies
and confirm training programmes with companies.

15 May - 02 Jun 2006
LOs gather Informal Performance Feedback from

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+Wish List+

Electro Disco 2005!

Trick & Trick2 series

Portable HDD
1gb RS-MMC
Harman Kardon SoundSticks II
Geforce 7800 GTX

4th - 30th September
Lights from 7pm - 12am every night
Friday & Saturday from 7pm - 2am

4th-18th September, 11am-11pm
Night Market with over 300 stalls

Every night: 4th - 10th
special performances by china
Every night: 11th - 18th
special performances by locals

Sunday, 4th September, 7pm
President nardan Lighting
Release of 25 kong ming deng into the night sky
Street performances
CHang Er' performance in the sky

Sunday, 18th September,7-10pm (Ba Yue Shi Wu)
Street party~!!!

12th-13th September, 8-10pm
Lantern Riddles @ Chinatown square

16th-25th September

17th-18th September
F1 PowerBoat Race ($15 entrance fee)

21th-22th September, 10-11am ; 4-5pm
F3 PowerBoat Race (Free)

22th September, 4-6pm
F3 PowerBoat Finals (Free)

1st-4th September
12:00pm - 9:00pm
Level 6, Convention Hall 601 &
Level 4, Exhibition Hall 401 - 404

World Cyber Games 2005 Singapore Championship
8th-11th September
10am - 10pm [First Day: 5pm - 10pm; Last Day:10am - 9pm]
Level 4, Exhibition Hall 401

World Food Fair 20052nd-6th September 2005
Level 6, Convention Hall 602-603

ARTSingapore 2005 – The Contemporary Asian Art Fair
29th September- 3rd October
11am-8pm[Last Day:11am - 5pm]
Level 4, Exhibition Hall 402
Adults $10 per entry, Students and children under 18 Free
note: 1st Day - Gala Opening, By Invitation only

Chinese Garden
2nd-25th September, 5pm-11pm

(Mon to Thurs)S$9 Adult/S$5 Child
(Fri to Sun)S$13 Adult/ S$7 Child
Last admission ticket sales at 10 pm daily
Tickets at Gates of Chinese Garden, Sistic outlets

mine mine mine...

CD in my mind...
and if i wish hard enough..
it will appear in my arms...

Electro Disco 2005!
& tat annoying frog

Trick & Trick2 jap series..

Geek Stuff that other have and i dont..
Portable HDD (screw tat guy who stole my beloved hdd..)
1gb RS-MMC.. den i will sell my 512.. cause 1GB sounds nicer..
Harman Kardon SoundSticks II
portable computer.. still choosing..
Geforce 7800 GTX.. some1 buy this for me.. (

short sleeve point collar shirts .. White.. orange

i got 2 cans.. "Gatsby Wet Look/Wet Gloss Hard" 1 i buy wrong.. dun like the effect.. den some1 give me another new can.. Haizz now got2 1 unused.. 1 use abit only.. who wan??..

sushi maker..

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+Legal Disclaimer+

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-Martin Luther King Jr.-

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