Tuesday, August 23, 2005

+I wan to complain ar!!+

i feel a really big siansation leh.. u noe why? cause i am annoyed lah.. u noe why? cause i go out wif gal den pple say me go pa tor.. den i go out wif guy den pple say i go out wif gay partner.. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WIF U GUYS??.. cant i go out for fun.. must have motive 1 meh?? must wat.. pak tor den can go out ar?!?! must meet GAy partner den can go out ar??.. wat in the world are these pple thinking about.. Haizzz i'll never noe...

"Humm... guess my that 2 buddies are having a great time together aren't they? lol who cares its not my problem anyway!"

number 1.. i didnt go out wif her on sat.. i went out wif moi friend to celebrate her bd.. Go out of course must enjoy n have a great time wat.. den wat sit in the library there stone and watch pple read books ar??..why leh? we havin a great time u jealous ar?? den u go out wif your J°¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ lor =P
number 2!! dun need to guess.. lah.. u wan to noe u ask me can liaoz wat..
number 3!!! who cares? u care lah of course.. if u dun care u wont even bother to type that sentance out wat.. haizzz.. everytime haven ask u den u auto siam liaoz.. wat u wan me to do?? haizz.. den now seem like spendin less time wif u liaoz nowadays.. i miss u liaoz.. *muackz*.. *blush*.. = þ
number 4 i am not gay..


Haizzz.. say till no Juice to say anything else liaoz.. next time den blog..

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