Wednesday, August 17, 2005

+true friend indeed+

Yesterday.. i had alot on my mind.. i didnt know wat to do.. i dont know why.. haizzzz.. went to ebm class late.. alot was not here also.. so cher say need to see our implementation plan outline.. so did 1 and she help us edit it.. den bloody hungry.. cause a lazy pig like me cannot wake up so early to eat breakfast.. went wif jayson to eat at mensa.. (later got mafit test... ) den he went lib to study.. i went to class... to study.. maybe anthony's rite.. the class was lack of control.. lack of motivation on my part to take this subject seriously as well.. i think tat this subject's like common sense.. it just boils down to remembering the key points and talk rubbish about it.. anywayz... class ended 1hr earlier.. so went wif obel to study in the lib.. till very sian.. den jayson came to join us.. around 430 den went to biz park there drink tehsi while obel eats her 1st meal of the day.. den went in to test lucky obel help me get a calculator.. or else no need take the test liaoz.. the qns.. surprizingly i can do leh.. but dunno the ans correct anot lah.. den went home and stoned till night time..

nite time.. suddenly had a sudden urge to find some1 to tok to.. went on to msn.. msn till late at nite.. bout 2 ba... den she had to off com.. so called her n toked on the phone.. tok n tok n tok... i feel better after toking so much... i felt happy tat there is someone that will listen when i was down....someone that was willing to tok to me till morning.... tok for 4hrs++ didnt realize tat i can break my usual phone record of 5mins...

den feeling hungry lor.. toking oso use alot of energy... so ask her out for breakfast.. went to her house there to meet her while she takes a nap... den go take a lite snack den go kovan walk around till finally settled down to the "sofa" at bk nap till 11++ den went pizza hut den go walk around till afternoon time eat lunch den really stone liaozz.... so went home liaoz.. den slp lorz~

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