Monday, September 12, 2005

+Post exam syndrome+

Yoz.. how r u guys? long time no blog.. yeah.. suffering from the post exam syndrome too.. dunno wat to do stoning here and there.. after offloading that all brain matter into the papers.. my brain's kinda empty.. need to dig up some memory of wat i wanna do after the exams.. and the dig is still under way.. see lah.. blog oso dunno wat to write.. after thurs i was like in stoning mode.. den sat came and it cheered me up abit.. den after that went back to stoning mode again.. today i'm feeling kinda much more awake.. maybe there is too much things that i have put myself into that didnt allow my body to rest.. anywayz i am goin to philippines tml.. so i am gonna rest myself good~ YEAH~ njrc2005 was fun though i am not in it.. my hand's freakin ichy tat day.. not because i've got skin prob.. cause i wanna part of the action.. but i haveta keep tellin myself.. dun touch dun touch.. only can transfer my internal strength n blessing to them lah.. seein them so happy.. running around.. tweakin the robot.. shouting n screaming.. reminds me of the good old days.. where we have to chiong till late in the evenings n almost got locked up in the skool.. i see so much passion and love in them.. unite n working together.. hope that the passion would be passed on to the new generation of people.. dun let the passion die off!! You All Rock! ........ oh yah.. last weekend..

LASt Wkend..
SUNday.. stoning.. i just remember tat i woke up at9am.. pissed till charcoal black face.. den ate curry.. i think.. den went out for a movie.. den chatted a bit at night..

Sat.. ah.. Eventful day at sg sci ctr.. met up wif uncle gilbert den went to jurong there chit chat waiting for uncle richard n O n miss wendy.. den thought was they wanna eat before going.. but didnt.. so we eat lor.. den they go to sci ctr 1st.. i follow bert's car to JYPS there wait for 2 teachers.. they rush back to get stuff.. but in the end dun need liaoz.. so tok tok awhile there before setting out to sci ctr..detour to buy somethings 1st.. but hor he forgot his hp so went back to take den go sci ctr.. got there so sian.. all haven come out yet.. usual for sci ctr.. den saw 2 metalic humanoids.. they got really cool costumes..

after they left to patrol the sci ctr.. i went to walk around.. there are alot of people outside the booths area lah.. they all going for the side event but not in the finals so cannot go into the booths to do have to make do and squeeze with "few" other skools in that area.. then saw cchs.. they doing side event.. the sumo haven started.. they builing on the spot.. n testin the sprint there also..

after that went to grand stand there hung around for a while den go see the open catg by the skools on stage.. then sam arrived.. so went around wif her then went to mac to buy some drinks n fries.. (yah some.. 5 large cokes n fries..) to go wif their pizza.. and then got went to get her shirt lah.. then they came out of the booths area.. n had their lunch.. pizza...

yah den they wanna go do the sprint lah.. but hor dun have map i dunno how they are goin to do lah.. but they found that IJ have the exact sprint map printed lah.. dunno how they get it but.. they so kind let them use lor.. so they went to test the bots until they calling for the operators for the surprise mission.. biangz.. still there testing testing.. soon after.. kanna chased out of the booth area..

so all the other pple who were in the booth area now all squeeze outside.. many still doing the side event.. it's getting too crowded.. so went into the grand stand.. to join Uncle richard who was there wif JYPS.. then there was performances by some schools on the stage lah.. they did breakdancin and all sorts of crazy stuff lah.. meanwhile.. at the competition area.. the primary schools are having their suprise mission going on..

soon.. uncle bert n O came back from their "trip" around sci ctr and miss wendy joined us at the grand stand there uncle bert was very "high" lah.. cheering alot.. while holding the JYPS jedi academy flag.. cheering with JYPS lah.. cheering for all the schools we had contact wif.. waving the flags around.. it was spectacular.. the flags were really good.. as uncle bert says.. after all the pri schools have finish their runs.. was the sec skool's turn to play.. many could not make in down the stairs.. many close calls.. many broken robots.. after much sorrow.. cause many schools got zero.. many schools got only a few points.. n not much schools can complete the whole thing.. it was the side events.. the Sumo and the sprint..

i thought it was timing.. but was knock out.. many of the schools got stuck on the separating wall.. some went off track.. only a few managed to complete the race.. watever the problems.. many schools did very well for the linetracking.. it was very smooth.. i learned alot lah.. external fusion got into the finals sprint.. but unlucky sia.. wheels kanna struck the wall so slowed down abit.. so got 2nd.. not bad lah.. 2nd still got prize.. after the sprint.. the sumo still haven finish lah.. cause of many screwups.. so they stopped it cause the vip arrived and have to go on wif the prize presentation 1st.. not bad.. SC got 4 awards.. JY got 3 Wx got 3as well..

After the presentation.. den there was a special performance by the human in robo costumes.. they had sound effects build-in to their suits.. then was the sumo semi finals and finals.. sam wanna watch so we watched together lor.. more and more annoyin judges gathered around the field so cannot see wat's going on so have to move up to the almost empty grandstand.. after the winner have been announced.. they had the best mascot prize which was given to the deserved little green cattus.. it was so cute.. then the last was the best cheergroup.. which went to westside.. i think.. i dunno how they are gonna split the trophy.. maybe every one have a piece of the yellow brick..

it was getting very late when it all finished.. we gathered outside to wait for every one to get ready.. den went to split cars to go to holland bk to eat.. ah.. brings back the memories.. den went over to swensens.. they eat.. i was waitin for supper.. ;p den went outside for a very important discussion of sending them back home.. after "much" discussion.. it was decided.. went wif uncle O's car n only have to send 1 home and then went back to office there look around to see wat to eat for supper.. but decide to go to geylang there eat dim sum.. we were there 1st.. chat while waiting for the other3 to arrive.. they really took their time.. their dim sum really good.. ate Feun Cheong!! tok bout njrc05.. really funny..they dreamt about this and that.. everyone getting tired.. 1am++ liaoz... slp at around 3 u noe y i so piss on sun..

Fri.. -_-.. wat i do on fri.. cant remember..

thurs.. had papers lah.. mafit in the afternoon... den got 2hrs break.. go study wif jayson n obel at 6th floor there.. den go find stuff to eat at the bookshop there cause the canteens all closing.. den go for lait paper.. at 7.. came out at 9.. den went to catch a movie..after that catch the last bus home..

oh yah.. friday.. built a new sprint.. smaller den ever.. it's on my table.. haizzz shoulda brought it to njrc.. nvm.. that's a secret weapon for next time.. anywayz.. still they won 2nd.. yeah loads of pictures.. i have just uploaded more.. PHOTOS!!.. added a calendar.. TAKE CARE~ ENJOY~

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