Monday, November 28, 2005

+Ah the long awaited..+

the long awaited follow up's here.. now uploading the vids i took during WRO 2005.. pain in the behind.. cause havta upload videos 1 by 1.. haizz but it's a free service lah.. cannot complain too much.. there is a link to it under videos.. oh yah... the photos are up too.. any one who is free during the holidays who wan to contribute their service time to me can help by volenteering to write the comments and captions for me.. thankz in advance..

didnt have time to blog sia had loads of stuff to settle.. project grouping for 1.. looks like i be working with different pple for dif f projects sia.. imagine all the pple come look for me for diff projects.. i'll go crazy sia.. Sian la.. timetable this sem.. haizzz end skool every day 3plus 4 only wed ends at 1.. but is becoming the unofficial officical do project day.. but i like monday.. can slp my head off den wake up for lessons at speaking of today's lessons.. gonna go skool soon..

my new head.. no lah.. actually only the hair got burnt off so is shorter now..

biangz.. so long uploaded 2 vids nia... still hav 70 more to go.. ZzzzZZz... anywayz.. had a fun weekend lah..morning was 4 bloody hours of orhbeh.. organizational behaviour.. den went to sitex 2005.. quite plain lah this year.. dun have much product tat interest me.. went to suntec wif jayson after tat.. but there also quite empty.. only 1 wat malaysia travel thing.. walked till the legs are breaking.. so went home.. at night had a noisy family dinner.. cause my 1st n 2nd aunt was there.. went down n bought some drinks up for them.. watch tv n tok tok tok till left.. den went to play com till late at night.. sat was really lazy day.. lazy until i hav a hard time remembering wat happened on tat day.. -_-~ oh yah.. had steamboat dinner shiok.. cause last time the malaysia bus broke down den went to get refund.. but tat's another story for another time.. Zzz..the rest cannot remember... anywayz.. sunday kanna woke up by ma.. got changed n went to eat breakfast wif them.. den went to the wet-market to get some seafood.. muaahahaha.. went back to bathe the crabs.. soaked them in cold water.. den chopped them into pieces.. cooked chilli crabs.. i mis-read instructions on the bottle which was to pour the whole bloody bottle instead of puting in just 2 spoons of chilli crab chilli.. it turns out that the crabs are still ediable.. 0.o.. wah.. all tokin about food..

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