Thursday, November 17, 2005


Kaoz.. time really flies when i am enjoying myself.. and slows down to almost a hault when skool starts... 2mths just went pass in a blink of an eye.. hmmm lets see.. played alot eat alot.. got to know lots of new friends .... some really cute ones.. hah.. went to thailand.. missed 1st 2 days of skool.. Zzz too much things happened cant remember..... back to skool.. busy settling down to a new sem.. half of this poly path is history.. and half left...haizz.. missed a few important dates.. anywayz.. the subjects this sem is like last sem.. just different names... Sand is like ebm.. but only harder.. principle of marketing is like pom... opentech is like nmm... orhbeh.... dunno.. tml's my 1st tut... 2 weeks more till all hell breaks loose after all the As n Os are over.. den all will be free to party.. sian ½.. tired liaoz... tml den continue~

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