Friday, December 30, 2005


went jy today.. found out that my set was not packed.. Zzz.. dun blame them cause it was in a bloody big mess.. packed abit just now.. saw mr g's new psp.. nice~ went on to play a dice game.. all of us got wacked on our bottoms.. collected my sip form from mr g oso.. mr g say's safer to hand in today den on mon.. so gtg back to find my lec later went the sun rises.. found the ultimate builder's partlist.. gtg back to continue packing..


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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


word-bots teaching a child english


freaky monkey

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+~Crazy Christmas~+

my blog's getting annoyingly long and takes awhile to load so i decided to limit the front page at 5 posts... cleared and arranged the left side so it looks neater now.. send me the photos when u r free sam.. on wif the events...

last paper... org beh... die..... came out the topic on perception which i didnt study... dun expect to pass liaoz... haizz... paper aside.. called wx n met wif them at cini...they came back from sentosa... i couldnt go.. anywayz.. went to watch the movie the family stone... sam met fellow sc gals n ij gals i think.. heard screaming n shouting... den sam went missing.. found her waitin at the sofa relaxin...the movie: (talks about this lead guy who brought home his gal. fam dun this gal but his bro like.. gal brought sis to house... lead likes sis lead marrys sis... bro likes gal bro went drinking wif gal... and ther was this gaycouple which we didnt have a clue that they are gay till almost the end.... wat the hell... besides that's it's kinda boring...) but we threw popcorn...cause tat idiot gave us salted instead of mix... sweet for eating n salted for throwing.. so all was for throwing!! haha... sam sat so far away.. out of the target range... so wx n me could only throw lu jo yh n kelly... ;p

when will gals run the fastest? when they need to go to the toilet... came out n the gals were gone.. lucinda n joanne Chiong 2 floors down in 5.28932secs.. sam had a pain in the head decided not to go wif us.. so we went walking around orchard.. den went to farwest to eat long john..den some1 spilled coke...ate and walked around to taka.. they left leaving wx joanne n me.. rotted outside the lego world for awhile deciding tml's plan.... den wx n joanne went home.... scandalous..... haha jk jk.. walked home from theere..

mom n dad went Pak tor n packet lunch back.. for bro n me.. ate n went to dhoby ghaut to meet up wif those guys.. den walked to paradiz ctr for pool... used my student pass so they can go in.. played for a while taking turns... n took photos... dunno wat happen sia.. the photos i took ther went blank.. wasted sia.. den sam n lucinda hav to go... sam say can crash at her place tonite n the old ones might be coming... went on playing for a while more b4 tat man came n check.. toobad sia... the place too empty he nothing to do.. so went out of the place n SO LUCKY sia.. it rained... heavily! ran to a bus stop... saw a bug.. angie was pattin it while joanne was staying 2meters away.. so the rain got lighter..... so walked slowly den it became heavy again.. so we ran.... to the ulu taxi stand.... some1 in black sandals almost slip n fell sia... if that happens i dunno if i will laugh at her den help her up or the other way round.... went to ps to dry ourselves.. den bought sweet popcorn!! got free nardia cards so we went on a search for a place to play.. went down to the underpass to the other side.. as soon as we came out... we started throwing popcorn again.. went to where ar? yah.. hereen played a cards for a short while den went out to walk again.. went to buy santa hats pulled out the bells n we wore it.. except dunno who ar! say wanna buy buy liaoz dun wan to wear... sam say can go her house after dinner. so accompany angie n joanne in the mrt for awhile.. n finally joanne decided tat she wanna wear her santa hat........ for awhile... anywayz.. went wif wx to funan to play free xbox there.... till late lah..

den went to marina square to look for qian... the place is so bloody big n crowded lah.. should go ther explore when i'm free.. cannot find the shop so qian came n find us instead.. den qian gave me a xmas present n card.. talked for a while den she had to go in n out servin customers.. qian snatched my santa hat #$@! ARg.. sam wanted remote control plane so we went to search all around but cannot find.. so bought a 20+ remote control car for 9.90 christmas sales sia.. went back.. qian refuse to return the santa hat.. so bought another pink 1 for her n her friend... i noe qian dun read my blog..cause working till dying alr... so can type watever i wan..... ;p haizzz u workin workin workin till no day no nite liaoz.. when got time to come out?? haizz. christmas still ther working.. ayio.....den 2 hungry ghosts went to bk to eat dinner before going to sam's place..

got there ard 9... den started playing spongebob.. really fun.. inflatable pants haha... went on to play other games street soccer dead or alive.. playing fifa 10mins to christmas... n amist the excitement... we missed the 00:00 timing... wished each other after the game.. den played monopoly.. sam went chinatown 3 times.. n i got rich.... den tok rubbish n really soon the sun began to rise raining in the morning.. sam's mom made us hotmilo n cake..after that she dropped us at mrt... took mrt straight to bugis...both of us fell asleep standing up.. had to wake wx up lucky cause need to change to NEL.. after he went off.. i fell asleep... dropped the present qian gave... oopz~ n the card fell off didnt notice if not for a kind lady... i wanted to thank her but fell asleep again..... thankz to the kind lady in pink ; ) i went home..

so it was christmas day... msg my aunt to wake me up when she arrive den i had a nap... till 11+ she kicked me awake... got changed n went to jb.. i was hoping the ride was longer or the causeway got jammed... den i can catchup on some slp.... but no..... it was very smooth.... got there in less den an hr... went to walk around city square..very big..... very very big place... n the rotiboy ther's nice.. took a taxi to eat dinner.. den walked to sentosa.. the store... bought some stuff den went home...

went to ikea.... n SuaGu(tutle hiding in the mountain) i am.. saw how ikea furniture can be customized to suit anyone's needs the shelf can be a drawer.. can have glass doors or wooden door.. can have special cd drawers.. nice.. aunt went for the 4th time cause 1st n 2nd time went to choose 3rd time went but found out my dad got the discount card.. 4th time went..they decided to paint the house.. so have to finish painting den go buy... hmm next week going for the 5th time... haha... poor thing.. den went to eat lunch.. we got home.. slp.. eat dinner... slp...

rainy day.. watched FF VII: advent children wif my bro..bel say coming to bugis area so went wif her for lunch.. den went to look for mom.... stayed for a while den went to check my account yup .. got the money.. went home for dinner.. after her free facial.. went to meet her again.. went to bugis to watch kingkong.. 3hr long documentary of a huge gorilla sia.. summary: guy goes to skull island.. natives likes gal.. gal gets sacrifice to kong.. guys saves gal.. kong chase after gal.. guys catch kong.. guy shows kong to the world.. kong sees ugly gals... freak out escape.. went in search for his beauty.. went to empire state building to see sunrise wif gal got kill by airplane... dunno wat to comment bout this movie lah.. 3hrs too long lah... came out was alr 1145...bloody hell all the toilets have closed alr.... bel took bus home den rushed home to releave myself..

bro booked appointment that's coming in 15mins time.. wan me to cut hair for him..... skool startin soon sia.. siaoz bloody long entry.. Kk.. that'z all for now.. rmb to send me pics hor~

weezhun out~
Could not connect to Saving and publishing may fail. Test connection now. Contacting wat the hell......


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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

+ZZz... i kanna oso...+

i just found out tat i oso kanna singled out by miss fun cheong aka renee..

IF YOU'VE BEEN SINGLED OUT: Rules: Copy and paste the questions to your site and answer them, then pick five people whom you wish to be Singled Out. Don't forget to tell them they've been Singled Out

World PEace.. (just like miss universe.. waves to the crowd...)

1. Family and friends to be healthy and happy.
2. Get tribalstudioz attachment next year.
3. some1 to Rebuild that basketball court downstairs...
4. pass my BTT n ATT
5. frs06 to not be so screwed-up
6. become more yandao...... adorable, agreeable, alluring, beaut, beautiful, beckoning, bewitching, captivating, charming, comely, enchanting, engaging, enthralling, enticing, fair, fascinating, fetching, glamorous, good-looking, gorgeous, handsome, hunk, interesting, inviting, looker, lovely, luring, magnetic, mesmeric, pleasant, pleasing, prepossessing, pretty, provocative, seductive, stunning, taking, tantalizing, teasing, tempting, winning, winsome.... (not very much to wish for rite~)

Homo Sapiens

Be Bloody Rich so i dun have to work so i can play robots everyday...

Siao ah...



wishing for world peace...(does tat count?)

alot ah.. when my aunt went to ikea for the 4th time n didnt buy anything... decided that we hav to go for the 5th time... when we wore santa hats walking down orchard rd.. when playing SBSP.....

5 ppl to do: so many pple kanna alr.. so ne1 who see's this n haven kanna yet.. den u jolly well do it!...
world peace...

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

+annoying lah.....+

woke up later den expected.... cant slp ytd again...... rushed to skool..... realized tat didnt have sand notes to study.... lucky the test was ok.... so went off early... went to jy to study for tml's paper.... mr g says tat there's some interesting projects coming up.... some were on hold cause there's not enough manpower.... 1more wk n wx's starting skool again.... 2more mths before i free my self from skool.... got lunch for the kids.. den mr g say wanna teach wx n me bout some portal thingy.... but it appears to hav some complications...... so learned alot of things OTHER den bout the portal..... stuck wif loads of probs..... so in the end didnt know much bout the portal... so went up to e room n watch them play monopoly while i study.... den cannot resist... oso joined in the fun.... den watched a ghost movie ..... after tat was..... haizzzzz. dun wanna say...just tat.. in the end jy kids cannot go tml.... so send em back.... wx waited for ms tan.... so i went back 1st... Arg.... really annoying.... skin is starting to peel.... ichy.... Zzz... blarddy ugly lah.... gotta tan back..... sianz.... tml paper.... cannot go sentosa... joining afterwards ba....

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

+tag tag...+

gone with the old and here comes the new...some minor adjustments here and there and got myself a new tagboard.. tag tag tag all u like n flood all u lik... so i dun need to bloody hell come in to blogger to reply to tags... like tat old thing... 5-6 tags.. n the old ones are gone... dun even know who wrote wat bloody stuff tat caught soooo much attention.... yahlor... wx... name=put ur name leh.. not mine....but thankz alot for helpin me pack my set... kk i understand joanne... somethings needs to start afresh... forget the past and have a new begining.... embrace the new.... ah... i'm toking rubbish in the middle of the night.. it's 2am... cant slp.... skool todae...... 2 papers... both very lame.... one open book... which means all the answers are inside the notes!.... yesh i hav checked n confirmed wif jayson tat the all the answers can be found in the otbs lab solutions..... then the afternoon paper..... 30MCQ...... n short ans......... which the mcq provided all the answers again~ 1st time i really study... den come out lik tat...... haizz..... anywayz 2 more paper to go....... hope that it's the same answer-giving papers.... den i can leave early on fri.... SIAO(crazy)....... change 1 tag only can type so much rubbish.....

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Monday, December 19, 2005

+Sian Ah~+

linked wx.. so might as well come in n blog abit.......See lah... pple go christmas shopping... go party.. go relax... n wat we do? STUDY~!!! mid sem test's tml.. haizzz.... dun really feeel the xmas mood yet.... haizzz must remind myself......otbs1-2pm... pom 5-6pm....... 22nd sand 9.30-11am..... 23rd ob 3-4pm... wat the hell.... so sad... can go only after 4... or maybe i will be lucky n get an easy paper for ob which has an imfamous high record of failure rates in the past as our tut say..... todae went to compass pt to eat breakfast den study pom~ wah... miracle sia~ den went to eat dinner.... ah photos.....


TribalStudioz in da sand
Hunks :p
Mr Peacock comes to visit

Sunset at Palawan

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

+Chao Dah~+

Chao dah... aka red lobster....... aka roasted pig..... aka............ u get the idea.. anywayz... my whole forearm's still red.... lucky i found an empty spray bottle in my pile of junk and now everyone watches in amazement as i spray my self wif water.... Pzzzzzzzzzzzz.......... Cooling... now this bottle's going everywhere i go.. till my chao dah arm becomes black, no more redness....if my skin stays in tact tml when i wake up.. den i'd be fine... if not...... hey pple... help me peel skin.... zzz.. and according to :
there's not cure to sun burn AHHHHHHHHHHH.... i'm gonna die.....i'm gonna die.....i'm gonna die..... too much chicken little influence.... ahem.. for those who are still chao dah... it's good to noe how to reduce the effect sunburns..... haizzz always tot tat i am resistant to anykind of sunrays..... just get red n den black........ this is something i nvr seen before in me.... it's been a day's still very red.... but since i spray loads of water... it's not as warm as yesterday nite... ytd nite can cook fried rice wif my bare arms lah..... oh yah.... about yesterday..... which is thurs....

is a very special day cause.... it is a self-declared holiday by me....
okie.... anywayz.... it's bloody close to harbour front from my house lah... 5 stops only.... so went ther from little india.... in an blink of an eye i was ther.... no 1 arnd..... so i waited........ den xiaofang came..... den contacted the official event organizer~~!!!RENEE!!! whoohhooo crowd cheers.... ~fireworks~.. she's on the way...... ahem i gif u credit ok~... y hav to wait for her? cause she dunno the way... if she had knew how to go to mac..... den i'd be there rotting..... without anybody telling me tat they happily sitting at macs...... ;p k lah... happy? and found out that all of them alr arrived~! n were at the macs there... they were ther happli havin their breakfast...... nvr ask bout us.... haizzz... went to surf the net.... check frs details and my mail.... n mr R's mail....n wx's mail..... frs's out.... in another 2 weeks frs2006 details will be out..... n my cher fowarded my mail to the course manager.... the sip manager..... the subject head.... and 1 dunno who ah.... wat the hell..... so we had our lite snack of nuggets... mr r wx n i.. ate the 20piece box...... n so they went to sentosa 1st..... renee sam waits for her sis to come.. wif lucinda..... but cant go sentosa... left after sam's sis came... so the 6 of us squeeze into mr r's car and headed into sentosa..... hmmm... well... we did the impossible..... we had 2 maps in the car....... we drove around......... and we got lost...... WE GOT LOST ON SENTOSA -.-.... cool huh~ went to siloso instead of palawan..... when we got there.. there were sand castles alr........ so we were there playing fooling around ....wx didnt bring extra cloths n was suppose to get wet 1st but he slipped away on a bic wif uncle o..... so fun cheong had to replace him to be the 1st one... started the ceremony huh...... den filled the green tub wif water and soon all' were wet...... bla bla bla........ those who where ther will noe lah... dun need to repeat....... n so it was time for sunsetting ceremony... the lightings were great.... pink and orange n purple n red and blue.... n finally black..... closing speech performed by uncle O.. saying tat we'd be having another outing next wk..... so they left the old ones tat is......... leaving most of the young ones to take bus out to harbourfront... so the fantastic 5 went out to ps to hav dinner.... den clar hadta leave so left the fantastic 4 to play cards.... till late so we left n went home.......

fri...... almost woke up late n went to class just in time for the cher to take attendance...... on time = not late.... so as usual... stoned for 2 hours...... Blardde hell.... 2 hours fly pass like no body's business... 2 hrs more lec... today's lec was hell lah... the lec was no superman but he's faster den a speeding bullet so much stuff cramped into 2hrs... somemore no breaks in between.... anywayz went out to eat aftertat... came back n realized tat the next lec started an hr ago..... right after the ob lec........ BLARDDE........... nvm.... so went to simlim sq walkaround wif jayson so he could buy his router... went home... rotted for awhile demanding photos from everyone... den they came...... had a noisey dinner as usual... since i missed 2wks alr...... had to fill it back....... so here i am typing the entry slowly.... while chatting on msn which i hav not touched since dunno when ah.... recently den started going back to the msn world......tat's all for now.... pics for next post~ bye bye.... shoo shooo... go to bed.... go to skool..........go outside enjoy the sun.... but dun get sunburnt... WHY R U STILL HERE~~!!!.....

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Monday, December 12, 2005

+Juying's BBQ~+

Oopz.. Sollie.. found out tat it's not gcp but is kcp.. shall edit when i have time.. ok let's see.. whre shall i start.. ah friday.. 4 hrs of ob again.. but quite interesting.. den was lunch break.. went to eat wif jayson den at the imm... yup... that's rite.. from tampines to juroung east.. Zzz.. Blardde hell... the food at their copidiam is so blardde ex.. and sux to.. fast food is cheaper n nicer there.. kaoz... den walked around imm.. jayson had to go so he left to buy some stuff... leaving me to wander around giant.. u thought tat they comming to buy bbq stuff at imm so stoned there for a while.. den msged wx kaoz... just call him wenxian lah wat "wx (wax).." had a gut feeling tat they are not coming tis far.. so went on the mrt to boonlay and took a bus to jy... the old ones are having a meeting.. so the young ones are there having fun.. haizz when i got there.. they had just finish their round of basketball.. no choice ah... later den play again.. went up to the itr to continue to search for my lost charger.. den chee seng suggested tat it might be inside one of the labtop bags.. and true enough.. i found it in the 3 bag i search.. after pluggin the charger in, went down to play basketball again till late... then Uncle G called n say that their meetin's over and going to buy stuff for the bbq.. initially, uncle g dun allow the kids to go and they have to go home... but later had an agreement that if there r too much stuff tat the boot cannot fit den they have to sit in the boot... went to a nearby giant at pioneer mall... everything they want to do.. so let them do lor.. the old ones are mostly there to look after them.. den mr g threaten them if the cart they were pushin hit some1.. den no need to come for the bbq alr.. haha.. den i n 3 kids follow mr R's car back to jy 1st.. unloaded n put the cold stuff in the fridge... mr g unloaded the stuff n kids n went to search for the bbq pit but cannot find.. close shop alr.. packed dinner back for them.. found out from miss tan tat the kids are not doin their work properly.. esp cheeseng.. didnt do work sia.. suppose to finish some exe den can play.. so it was decided tat next wk they come for 2 hrs do work den go home.. dinner at the canteen and chatted wif the kids till late.. mr g sent the kids home.. n i told mr r bout organizational behaviour taht i had this morning.. den now i see real life example right in front of me... Ms ma after hearding the "bad news all work no play" replied that she cannot come.. mom will scold... it turns out that mr r also had been through this ob module before.... we went to misstan's office to wait for her.. den mr g came n had a serious discussion with her.. mr r took off n mr g sent me n wenxian home..

sat...(too much going on.. if i got somethings wrong pls correct me..)
woke up at around 0830.. packed all my stuff while mr r and wx are buying all the remaining stuff.. den mr r arrived to pick me up.. we went to pioneer mall to eat breakfast n get the bbq pit.. got 6 of the quick and easy, all in 1 bbq pit on offer.. but it turns out that it was only for the charcoal only.. n the bloody container + charcoal costs 10 bucks.. to ex.. instead we got the biggest metal grill we could find there.. went to another shop to get the big alu tray to put the charcoal.. the kids were there alr.. defrosting the meat and making a mess in the staff lounge.. we brought every thing down to the canteen to wash and marinate.. chicken was done by wx n yours truely.. kept the marinated meat in the fridge n went up to the itr to relax for a while..they played risk n monopoly(powerpuff gals version)... mr r came up n found out that there r still some trays that are not sorted.. so he got the 3 boys who were playin risk while the rest are working.... around that time, Lai fam arrived.. came back from malaysia.. mavis n germaine joined others playing monopoly... junkang saw the boys so poorthing so went to help them.. as ususal.. mavis went to get her(well, its not hers actually) yellow ducky... but we took it.. threw it around.. den when she's about to get it.. we left it on top of the projector... :P hehheh.... so much relaxing sia.. so much for fun aside.. it was time to prep for the starting of the bbq.. carried the stuff down and doing the poking when the sc n kcp gals arrive... i clearly rememver i said 5 not 4.. but anywayz.. good to have more helpers.. magically we conjured a bbq stand wif a canteen table n loads of cardboard lay the bottom of the alu tray.. and grace + knife does not go well together.. scary.... but yihui n her managed to slice up a watermelon without injuring anyone.. hurrray....ahem...after that went to play a round of basketball wif the kids wx jennet n renee... the rest was watching.. played till we had to start the fire... with the help of the girls.. the fire was started burning away... burning all the way through... the cardboards are smoking too.. mr r took the thick drainage cover grill to lay ontop of the cardboards thus preventing the bbq fire to burn its way to the floor... the bbq officially started.. food was nice.. i went to put stuff on the grill.. went away.. came back the food was gone~ -.-... it happened again and again annoying sia... later found out that the flow of food went to the canteen tables and into the tummy of those sitting ther.. like mr g.. -.-... shoulda listen to him earlier.. just sit there n wait for food... after my 1st round of food, went to the bball court to join them for a round of bball... fun cheong n jennet was wif my team... every1's screaming fun cheong~! fun cheong~! pple ther will noe wat happened lah.. haha.. try harder next time fun cheong... but she did score once... very nice... slient(cause there were no net..) tat wx didnt believe it went in haha.. too bad they have to leave early.. leavin yh renee n the 2 kcp.. U were suppose to finish the food.... well expected more to come but... nvm we had fun... it was late alr... n ther is still the water bombs wahahaha... so the kids went to prepare the bombs while i prepare my food.. heh... finally get to eat something filling... wx brought out the shelled delicacy muaha.. chatted wif the friend of gal of kcp.. renee say wanna intro but.. while bbqing satay... the kcp gals n yh had to leave too.... leaving fun cheong all stomach was satisfied.. the bombs are ready... mr g n mr r decided that they will join in the fun g n wx 1 team... mr r n me another.. n the kids.. cant remember who joined who... mr g n mr r threw at eachother.. haha.. splash here wack there... it'was fun.. too bad pple went back early didnt get to play.... it the bombs finish very quickly.. den they got ready for round 2... some were filled wif cold water... mr g n mr r prepares the super duper big water bomb.. i think cheeseng went to fill 1 wif shells n soap..*faints* he got a penalty for doin tat.. in the end, everyone was wet and happy.. haha.. den renee had to leave..we cant just let her we got her a special farewell gift.. well lots of gifts infact... ;p in the end renee's wet too.. so mr g had to send her back.. wat an excuse ahaha... bbq for awhile more... den had to clean up.. packed everything n cleared the canteen... the gals went to bath in the guys shower cause ther's no water in the gals... n there's too much water in the guys side..the shower's too powerful.. screaming here n ther.. chee seng ther last... washin the dusbin cover... we watched in amusement..... everything was done.. wx went to take his shower.... mr g n i went out for some "fresh air" came back just nice wx's out my turn... Wooot~ cold water.. shiok~ went up to join them watch JianGui10.. actually quite funny rather den a scary movie.. got break dancing somemore.. aha.. after the movie finished, the gals moved downstairs to slp.. the guys stayed in the room...cheeseng was afraid to slp in total darkness so he left a row of light on... bloody hell so bright... fedup.. went to off it.. all were very tired n knocked out... mr r was ZzzZzz even before the movie finished.. N so it was

morning.... woke up too see all da gals are alr up... n were there watching us slp dunno since when... went to wash up... they were searching for mr g.. Haizzz... looking at the empty skool.... the rain drops hitting the floor... feeling the cold morning breeze on my face... set me thinkin.... It's all over.... it's really over~!.... the last robo com for 2005 n a new year is falling from the sky whether u like it or not... pple come pple go... new pple comes old faces go........ for this year's sec 3s n pri 5s... they wont be active in next yrs robotics since they have to prep for psle n Os... this yr pri6s n sec4s are leavin their current skool... goin to a higher institution..... this is life.... it goes on.... haizz.... but this yr's a little different i'm gonna miss'em... since i made so many friends tis yr... esp after the FRS.... den was SRG... den it was the big NJRC.. the WRO.. the FLL... the fun the dancing around the joy of finishin a mission the sadness the pissoffs... all in a day's work.. isnt it fun... Hmmm... that's all for robotics for me for now..... gotta get back to "normal" skool days.. kinda hard to get used to.. skool's ending startin of march 2006..... den i'd be back in action...hopefully my sip works out.. den i'd be there till oct...

anywayz.... back to reality.... the gals went to lookin for mr g n found that he's still slpin...wx slpin... mr r's oso slping.. so the gals informed mr r n left....and so i went back to slp.... wokeup bout 2hrs later.. ms tan gtg so we left juying.... sent ms tan home...... waited for her so i had my breakfast... n then to the jb-sg bus terminal near my house... sent her off to her 1wk break... den i went home... mr g's gone for a wk in japan too...

Relaxed for awhile... den went to visit my granny.. Zzzz pap's haven eat yet so we eat again... went up to see that my cousins got themselves another new gameboy~... watched mr bean with them... den i fell asleep... den paps woke up said tat we gtg...went over to afew blocks away.. to visit another relative... his 2yr old grand-daughter is there too... she's suppose to greet me as uncle.. cause im really her uncle.. ah~ so old alr... become uncle alr... haha.. later went to bukit panjang plaza to eat... like a pig eat n slp n eat n slp........ went around the place n saw pap's friend... anyway long story short... they won lucky draw.. got prize money went to eat supper wif them at the coffee shop near jy.. then sent daughter back to ntc which i found out for myself... is bloody near.. den he sent us back... Poof~ ther goes my sunday.......

PS... didnt see my tag till grace told me bout it.. so only checked after i came back frm jy.... thankz for flooding my tag sia.. i will tag back soon... who tagged sia.. got such a big reaction... dun wanna reply there cause tat will flood it again... yah grace.. ur shifu.. mr junkang to u.. is great lah.. it's good tat u learn a great deal from him... n DO not call me auntie... uncle can.. auntie cannot... i'd be there for frs06 lah.. heard tat the registration's out alr.. i shall check it out... Renee.. wa... how u noe tat i gonna pon lessons? read my mind sia... i'll try to come early lah... from tampines to sentosa = far yah?.. i will try very hard not to pon lah...Thankz yh... yeah yeah.. i shd be able to make it on thurs...heyhey sam.. yaya.. u da best lah.. see u all soon.. take care too~ haha jennet i had fun playin bball on sat.. long time nvr played liaoz......

PS... send me the photos u all took for da bbq k~ u noe the email.. just send it over... i got some photos of the jy kids from tat day n from ard the sep-nov period... if u wan them.. just tag me..


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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


haizz.. today went skool to rot for 2 hrs in the otbs lab... actually can follow the bloody lab sheet and finish the thing 5times over in 5mins....... but it took 2 BLOODY HOURS haizzz.... project progression reports comming up.. otbs going to do and finish this wkend.... ob doing on thurs n shouldnt take long.. haizz psq dunno if is too easy liaoz cant decide on wat topic to do.. have to wait till they settle down wif the final decision......... pom's easy.. doing on ipod any how oso can bs something outof thin air.... the worrying thing now is SAND.. haizzzzzzzz kinda behind time abit by 3 wks...... n it will keep pilling up till wk 12 if dun clear.....dun like this kind of feeling.... haizzz even though sand is a bs subject, my bs skills are not so bs enough compared to the bs tutor who happens to be the bs lecturer of this king of bs subject... bsing pom doesnt require braincells compared to this.. kaoz... thinking of bs to bs in the bs report that's gonna be handled in kills brain cells faster den spongebob can prepare a crabby paddy.....-.-..... so i really dunno... wat's the bloody use of this subject?... teaching us how to bs like no other poly can?... or bs until other bsers dunno wat we are bsing about den we be bs kings and queens?.... summary.. bs subject wif a bs lecturer n bs tut n bs project due in 6wks time.. Zz.. brain not switched to "on" mode today.. toking rubbish...... but bloggin really releave stress sia~ now i feel a moment of inner peace.. i think i will slp well to night and will dream of the divine beings tat brought to me this inner peace.. shall ask them how to bs my proj... shall go slp liaoz.. den can spend more time to discuss the divine art of bsing wif them...

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


on dec2 spore hung an aust.. and as a result.. putfile not gonna provide free vid hosting service to spore AHH.. wat the hell.. all my time wasted uploading those gigantic sized videos den now cant even view it.. haizzz... anywayz there r still many vid host out there.. now uploading FLL vids wif streamload at least now better dun need to go click 1 by 1.. sian½ 2hr40mins more to go.. haizz i'll just leave the com on for the night lah.... SIAN lah.. MR careperson say my missing 1st 2 days of skool nevermind.. but today got a SAND warning letter ZZzzz.. wat the hell.. tat means i cant skip anymore mon or tues lessons.... haizzzzz.... SIAN ah.. pple go sentosa .... i got skool.. cannot go sentosa.. hmmm shall check my attendance if can make it...... zzz. still hav 1 dinner coming up.. dunno when so havta keep my wed to fri free... den got jy bbq... den got sec skool gathering oso.. wah kaoz... hope they dun clash.. zzZZ so late liaoz.. gtg... still hav skool later~ oh yah.. i wanna blog about...... the pics are coming soon... den the vids should be up by tml morning den i post the address...

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Monday, December 05, 2005

+Crazy Saturday+

it's one hell of a weekend i tellya!!! this weekend was really crazy cause of FLL05 that just passed.. hmm lets start from this friday before i forget.. Dec2 2005.. had 4hours of OrgBeh.. Got really pissed at the tutor.. ah tat's another story.. den went to eat wif jayson at mac.. den came back to skool for wat the sand tutor call a really long 35mins lec.. after skool went wif jayson to tamp central's challenger to look at geek stuff.. den i took off to boon lay.. From tampines.. ahh.. bloody long ride.. but i caught some slp along the way.. reached boonlay.. Uncle richard came and fetch me to juying.. talked about lots of biz idea along the way..will definately follow up on those ideas.. reached jy around 4plus 5...

Greeted by loads of pple.. cause the resource room's really crouded.. 1st time i see havin sooooooo much pple gathering.. really happy to see SCGS n GCP there to practice and test.. haizz so sad tat jennet hav to leave early.. leavin grace to handle the robot.. !!! lucky it was still intact at the end of the day.. heehee.. den Mr junKang got promoted to grace's ShiFu.. pri6 teaching a sec 3 sia.. hhaha.. nvm.. it;s ok we learn from eachother.. the funny part is tat when ever there's something wrong wif her bot den uncle gilbert will talk to junkang.. and ignore grace... this Talking-to-junkang-when-grace-screwedup effect was less visible as the night came in..

as for the greatwhites n littleblacks.. they did very well.. they handled the missions very smoothly.. know how to check the playfield and handle judges.. and their presentations were VERY CUTE.. since the theme was about ocean.. they had their presentation about (whites)how to protect the reefs from divers.. (the pic on the right) and (blacks)how to protect seaturtles from bycatching.. hey i remembered..haha.. can see that they really enjoyed themselves.. and haizz too bad didnt get to know the GCP well.. except the indian that doesnt speak his native language and is learning french..

WX pro lah.. again ah.. help everyone except himself.. after trying for the last time GCP n SC left.. the some of the JY kids went home to prepare for the night cause they are stayin.. wx was there doing his presentation wif the help of uncle richard.. then printed the notes.. wahsei.. didnt realise tat skool has such good facilities.. color laser!!.. the notes were very well done.. then went back to the room.. every1's asleep.. uncle G n miss tan's not back yet.. so i dun have towel to bath.. Zzz stinky.. anywayz went back to the room n i knockedout around 2plus 3 while watchin wx doing his ppt slides..

Alarm sounded at 6 but the guys in da room only started to wake up around 6:30.. stoned while the girls are ready alr.. pple who went home n the supporters.. jiahui,leelim n calista came in.. went to look for miss tan n got towels wx went to bathe.. after him was me.. went for a 5min quick shower n washup.. den saw Fun Cheong at the general office.. haha.. she bought fun cheong n coffee for us.. rush den went up to the bus to get to rulang.. lucky it's quite near.. went there just in time to see SC's bus was infront of us n GCP also just arrived.. see the kids register and went to the hall to have a final briefing..the mc announced tat mentors can get a tag to act big, order n boss pple around to go in and see the students.. so sam n i went to get the tags.. was late by 3.421476 sec and saw that ther was a queue alr.. Kiasu singaporeans.. so sam helped me style my hair.. thankz sam.. and went back to try our luck again.. the crowd cleared.. and we puton our tags and went back to the hall..

the teams are ready to go so sent them off to their rooms.. the supporters went down wif me to have their breakfast.. i ate my fun cheong while they went to get something to fill their stomaches fromthe canteen.. went up to the hall and just in time to watch the 1st match of the day.. and the all matches are delayed a tinnie winnie bit by 40mins.. the supporters ran around cheering for jy sc vict n gcp.. haha they were so busy carrying the flags around and they did HELL OF A GOOD JOB CHEERING.. they cheers u hear in the videos are from them..

The uncles uncle gilbert uncle richard n uncle o n miss wendy n miss tan came around lunchtime.. sam bought pizzza for the 4 skools but she didnt eat -.-... jennet still stuck wif stomach-ack so have to hav something specially prepared wif love: chicken porriage from the uncle next door.. haha ;p back from lunch most have their last run and 1 interview left so they have to run around alot.. there are some interesting matches.. 1 was SC vs JY.. really's one of the most eyed rounds of the whole event.. there was matches against cchs and external teams tat were interesting also.. they all did very well.. i am proud of u all no matter wat.. jy littleblacks got 335, greatwhites got 290.. sc yihui/xiaofang got 290 also.. jennet/grace got 215.. wenxian got 248.. highest score of 390/400 was team1337 from cchs desmond..he did a wonderful job..

after all the runs have been completed.. many teams were crazy.. went around doin havoc.. ran around the hall chasing eachother.. then there was the appearance of the BIG duck head by ryan n fish-head by darren.. they played around.. fooled around chatted around phototaking aorund.. n didnt realize tat we were waiting like idiots for around 1hr plus till i got fedup and went to ask wat the hell are they waiting for... den they announce that some teams were stil doing their presentation.. so after that 'tiny winnie incy biny' BLOODY 1hr delay.. it was the big-wigs-give-"big"-yellow-lego-bricks time..... little blacks got an award for best team spirit.. congrats!! robot performance as well as championship goes to team1337 congrats to them as well.. for pple who didnt not get those yellow bricks made to look like trophy trophies, i know u all hav put in alot of effort.. believe me.. i've been through all tat several times... it is not the award that counts.. hell i can build 1 for u if u gif me the bricks.. it's the stuff that money cant buy.. the experience that you all have from the competition will be wif u for life(unless u have amnesia).. the things that u learned.. the friendship that was formed.. the joy n sorrow that are shared together.. isit those more valuable than anything else?.. ok.. enough of this post competition preaching..

[ah.. got sam's photos.. i look like shiz... tat's wat will happen to ur face if u dun slp.. stone face... ZzzZz]after tat.. went back to jy to packup abit.. then bid farewell to the kids.. went on our way home.. send miss tan home to change.. uncle g passed me the tshirt from da gals to let me see while waiting for miss tan to change.... haha thankz for the tshirt again.. den went on to talk about the com.. sent miss tan to bugis.... den was my home.. finally everything's over... from njrc to wro to fll.. wah wat a hectic time.... there will be a BBQ coming soon in jy.. anyway went home.. lucky ther's still some dinner left for me.. haizzz handphone no batt for the pass few days n i survived... went to slp..

sunday my aunt say they wanna go sentosa IN THE mornign ... i wanna slp.. so they went..was slping the whole day woke up to eat den ..............went back to slp......... den cook some dinner they oso dabao some extras back.. so ate dinner n watched tv.. wah watched my the star awards 1st time in so many years..i was playing wif the baby more den watchin the tv.. Zzz.. getting drowzy.. n dark eye rings.. this is one looooooooong post .. hope u enjoyed reading it.. gtg slp.. seeya all soon~

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