Wednesday, December 28, 2005

+~Crazy Christmas~+

my blog's getting annoyingly long and takes awhile to load so i decided to limit the front page at 5 posts... cleared and arranged the left side so it looks neater now.. send me the photos when u r free sam.. on wif the events...

last paper... org beh... die..... came out the topic on perception which i didnt study... dun expect to pass liaoz... haizz... paper aside.. called wx n met wif them at cini...they came back from sentosa... i couldnt go.. anywayz.. went to watch the movie the family stone... sam met fellow sc gals n ij gals i think.. heard screaming n shouting... den sam went missing.. found her waitin at the sofa relaxin...the movie: (talks about this lead guy who brought home his gal. fam dun this gal but his bro like.. gal brought sis to house... lead likes sis lead marrys sis... bro likes gal bro went drinking wif gal... and ther was this gaycouple which we didnt have a clue that they are gay till almost the end.... wat the hell... besides that's it's kinda boring...) but we threw popcorn...cause tat idiot gave us salted instead of mix... sweet for eating n salted for throwing.. so all was for throwing!! haha... sam sat so far away.. out of the target range... so wx n me could only throw lu jo yh n kelly... ;p

when will gals run the fastest? when they need to go to the toilet... came out n the gals were gone.. lucinda n joanne Chiong 2 floors down in 5.28932secs.. sam had a pain in the head decided not to go wif us.. so we went walking around orchard.. den went to farwest to eat long john..den some1 spilled coke...ate and walked around to taka.. they left leaving wx joanne n me.. rotted outside the lego world for awhile deciding tml's plan.... den wx n joanne went home.... scandalous..... haha jk jk.. walked home from theere..

mom n dad went Pak tor n packet lunch back.. for bro n me.. ate n went to dhoby ghaut to meet up wif those guys.. den walked to paradiz ctr for pool... used my student pass so they can go in.. played for a while taking turns... n took photos... dunno wat happen sia.. the photos i took ther went blank.. wasted sia.. den sam n lucinda hav to go... sam say can crash at her place tonite n the old ones might be coming... went on playing for a while more b4 tat man came n check.. toobad sia... the place too empty he nothing to do.. so went out of the place n SO LUCKY sia.. it rained... heavily! ran to a bus stop... saw a bug.. angie was pattin it while joanne was staying 2meters away.. so the rain got lighter..... so walked slowly den it became heavy again.. so we ran.... to the ulu taxi stand.... some1 in black sandals almost slip n fell sia... if that happens i dunno if i will laugh at her den help her up or the other way round.... went to ps to dry ourselves.. den bought sweet popcorn!! got free nardia cards so we went on a search for a place to play.. went down to the underpass to the other side.. as soon as we came out... we started throwing popcorn again.. went to where ar? yah.. hereen played a cards for a short while den went out to walk again.. went to buy santa hats pulled out the bells n we wore it.. except dunno who ar! say wanna buy buy liaoz dun wan to wear... sam say can go her house after dinner. so accompany angie n joanne in the mrt for awhile.. n finally joanne decided tat she wanna wear her santa hat........ for awhile... anywayz.. went wif wx to funan to play free xbox there.... till late lah..

den went to marina square to look for qian... the place is so bloody big n crowded lah.. should go ther explore when i'm free.. cannot find the shop so qian came n find us instead.. den qian gave me a xmas present n card.. talked for a while den she had to go in n out servin customers.. qian snatched my santa hat #$@! ARg.. sam wanted remote control plane so we went to search all around but cannot find.. so bought a 20+ remote control car for 9.90 christmas sales sia.. went back.. qian refuse to return the santa hat.. so bought another pink 1 for her n her friend... i noe qian dun read my blog..cause working till dying alr... so can type watever i wan..... ;p haizzz u workin workin workin till no day no nite liaoz.. when got time to come out?? haizz. christmas still ther working.. ayio.....den 2 hungry ghosts went to bk to eat dinner before going to sam's place..

got there ard 9... den started playing spongebob.. really fun.. inflatable pants haha... went on to play other games street soccer dead or alive.. playing fifa 10mins to christmas... n amist the excitement... we missed the 00:00 timing... wished each other after the game.. den played monopoly.. sam went chinatown 3 times.. n i got rich.... den tok rubbish n really soon the sun began to rise raining in the morning.. sam's mom made us hotmilo n cake..after that she dropped us at mrt... took mrt straight to bugis...both of us fell asleep standing up.. had to wake wx up lucky cause need to change to NEL.. after he went off.. i fell asleep... dropped the present qian gave... oopz~ n the card fell off didnt notice if not for a kind lady... i wanted to thank her but fell asleep again..... thankz to the kind lady in pink ; ) i went home..

so it was christmas day... msg my aunt to wake me up when she arrive den i had a nap... till 11+ she kicked me awake... got changed n went to jb.. i was hoping the ride was longer or the causeway got jammed... den i can catchup on some slp.... but no..... it was very smooth.... got there in less den an hr... went to walk around city square..very big..... very very big place... n the rotiboy ther's nice.. took a taxi to eat dinner.. den walked to sentosa.. the store... bought some stuff den went home...

went to ikea.... n SuaGu(tutle hiding in the mountain) i am.. saw how ikea furniture can be customized to suit anyone's needs the shelf can be a drawer.. can have glass doors or wooden door.. can have special cd drawers.. nice.. aunt went for the 4th time cause 1st n 2nd time went to choose 3rd time went but found out my dad got the discount card.. 4th time went..they decided to paint the house.. so have to finish painting den go buy... hmm next week going for the 5th time... haha... poor thing.. den went to eat lunch.. we got home.. slp.. eat dinner... slp...

rainy day.. watched FF VII: advent children wif my bro..bel say coming to bugis area so went wif her for lunch.. den went to look for mom.... stayed for a while den went to check my account yup .. got the money.. went home for dinner.. after her free facial.. went to meet her again.. went to bugis to watch kingkong.. 3hr long documentary of a huge gorilla sia.. summary: guy goes to skull island.. natives likes gal.. gal gets sacrifice to kong.. guys saves gal.. kong chase after gal.. guys catch kong.. guy shows kong to the world.. kong sees ugly gals... freak out escape.. went in search for his beauty.. went to empire state building to see sunrise wif gal got kill by airplane... dunno wat to comment bout this movie lah.. 3hrs too long lah... came out was alr 1145...bloody hell all the toilets have closed alr.... bel took bus home den rushed home to releave myself..

bro booked appointment that's coming in 15mins time.. wan me to cut hair for him..... skool startin soon sia.. siaoz bloody long entry.. Kk.. that'z all for now.. rmb to send me pics hor~

weezhun out~
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