Monday, December 05, 2005

+Crazy Saturday+

it's one hell of a weekend i tellya!!! this weekend was really crazy cause of FLL05 that just passed.. hmm lets start from this friday before i forget.. Dec2 2005.. had 4hours of OrgBeh.. Got really pissed at the tutor.. ah tat's another story.. den went to eat wif jayson at mac.. den came back to skool for wat the sand tutor call a really long 35mins lec.. after skool went wif jayson to tamp central's challenger to look at geek stuff.. den i took off to boon lay.. From tampines.. ahh.. bloody long ride.. but i caught some slp along the way.. reached boonlay.. Uncle richard came and fetch me to juying.. talked about lots of biz idea along the way..will definately follow up on those ideas.. reached jy around 4plus 5...

Greeted by loads of pple.. cause the resource room's really crouded.. 1st time i see havin sooooooo much pple gathering.. really happy to see SCGS n GCP there to practice and test.. haizz so sad tat jennet hav to leave early.. leavin grace to handle the robot.. !!! lucky it was still intact at the end of the day.. heehee.. den Mr junKang got promoted to grace's ShiFu.. pri6 teaching a sec 3 sia.. hhaha.. nvm.. it;s ok we learn from eachother.. the funny part is tat when ever there's something wrong wif her bot den uncle gilbert will talk to junkang.. and ignore grace... this Talking-to-junkang-when-grace-screwedup effect was less visible as the night came in..

as for the greatwhites n littleblacks.. they did very well.. they handled the missions very smoothly.. know how to check the playfield and handle judges.. and their presentations were VERY CUTE.. since the theme was about ocean.. they had their presentation about (whites)how to protect the reefs from divers.. (the pic on the right) and (blacks)how to protect seaturtles from bycatching.. hey i remembered..haha.. can see that they really enjoyed themselves.. and haizz too bad didnt get to know the GCP well.. except the indian that doesnt speak his native language and is learning french..

WX pro lah.. again ah.. help everyone except himself.. after trying for the last time GCP n SC left.. the some of the JY kids went home to prepare for the night cause they are stayin.. wx was there doing his presentation wif the help of uncle richard.. then printed the notes.. wahsei.. didnt realise tat skool has such good facilities.. color laser!!.. the notes were very well done.. then went back to the room.. every1's asleep.. uncle G n miss tan's not back yet.. so i dun have towel to bath.. Zzz stinky.. anywayz went back to the room n i knockedout around 2plus 3 while watchin wx doing his ppt slides..

Alarm sounded at 6 but the guys in da room only started to wake up around 6:30.. stoned while the girls are ready alr.. pple who went home n the supporters.. jiahui,leelim n calista came in.. went to look for miss tan n got towels wx went to bathe.. after him was me.. went for a 5min quick shower n washup.. den saw Fun Cheong at the general office.. haha.. she bought fun cheong n coffee for us.. rush den went up to the bus to get to rulang.. lucky it's quite near.. went there just in time to see SC's bus was infront of us n GCP also just arrived.. see the kids register and went to the hall to have a final briefing..the mc announced tat mentors can get a tag to act big, order n boss pple around to go in and see the students.. so sam n i went to get the tags.. was late by 3.421476 sec and saw that ther was a queue alr.. Kiasu singaporeans.. so sam helped me style my hair.. thankz sam.. and went back to try our luck again.. the crowd cleared.. and we puton our tags and went back to the hall..

the teams are ready to go so sent them off to their rooms.. the supporters went down wif me to have their breakfast.. i ate my fun cheong while they went to get something to fill their stomaches fromthe canteen.. went up to the hall and just in time to watch the 1st match of the day.. and the all matches are delayed a tinnie winnie bit by 40mins.. the supporters ran around cheering for jy sc vict n gcp.. haha they were so busy carrying the flags around and they did HELL OF A GOOD JOB CHEERING.. they cheers u hear in the videos are from them..

The uncles uncle gilbert uncle richard n uncle o n miss wendy n miss tan came around lunchtime.. sam bought pizzza for the 4 skools but she didnt eat -.-... jennet still stuck wif stomach-ack so have to hav something specially prepared wif love: chicken porriage from the uncle next door.. haha ;p back from lunch most have their last run and 1 interview left so they have to run around alot.. there are some interesting matches.. 1 was SC vs JY.. really's one of the most eyed rounds of the whole event.. there was matches against cchs and external teams tat were interesting also.. they all did very well.. i am proud of u all no matter wat.. jy littleblacks got 335, greatwhites got 290.. sc yihui/xiaofang got 290 also.. jennet/grace got 215.. wenxian got 248.. highest score of 390/400 was team1337 from cchs desmond..he did a wonderful job..

after all the runs have been completed.. many teams were crazy.. went around doin havoc.. ran around the hall chasing eachother.. then there was the appearance of the BIG duck head by ryan n fish-head by darren.. they played around.. fooled around chatted around phototaking aorund.. n didnt realize tat we were waiting like idiots for around 1hr plus till i got fedup and went to ask wat the hell are they waiting for... den they announce that some teams were stil doing their presentation.. so after that 'tiny winnie incy biny' BLOODY 1hr delay.. it was the big-wigs-give-"big"-yellow-lego-bricks time..... little blacks got an award for best team spirit.. congrats!! robot performance as well as championship goes to team1337 congrats to them as well.. for pple who didnt not get those yellow bricks made to look like trophy trophies, i know u all hav put in alot of effort.. believe me.. i've been through all tat several times... it is not the award that counts.. hell i can build 1 for u if u gif me the bricks.. it's the stuff that money cant buy.. the experience that you all have from the competition will be wif u for life(unless u have amnesia).. the things that u learned.. the friendship that was formed.. the joy n sorrow that are shared together.. isit those more valuable than anything else?.. ok.. enough of this post competition preaching..

[ah.. got sam's photos.. i look like shiz... tat's wat will happen to ur face if u dun slp.. stone face... ZzzZz]after tat.. went back to jy to packup abit.. then bid farewell to the kids.. went on our way home.. send miss tan home to change.. uncle g passed me the tshirt from da gals to let me see while waiting for miss tan to change.... haha thankz for the tshirt again.. den went on to talk about the com.. sent miss tan to bugis.... den was my home.. finally everything's over... from njrc to wro to fll.. wah wat a hectic time.... there will be a BBQ coming soon in jy.. anyway went home.. lucky ther's still some dinner left for me.. haizzz handphone no batt for the pass few days n i survived... went to slp..

sunday my aunt say they wanna go sentosa IN THE mornign ... i wanna slp.. so they went..was slping the whole day woke up to eat den ..............went back to slp......... den cook some dinner they oso dabao some extras back.. so ate dinner n watched tv.. wah watched my the star awards 1st time in so many years..i was playing wif the baby more den watchin the tv.. Zzz.. getting drowzy.. n dark eye rings.. this is one looooooooong post .. hope u enjoyed reading it.. gtg slp.. seeya all soon~

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