Monday, December 12, 2005

+Juying's BBQ~+

Oopz.. Sollie.. found out tat it's not gcp but is kcp.. shall edit when i have time.. ok let's see.. whre shall i start.. ah friday.. 4 hrs of ob again.. but quite interesting.. den was lunch break.. went to eat wif jayson den at the imm... yup... that's rite.. from tampines to juroung east.. Zzz.. Blardde hell... the food at their copidiam is so blardde ex.. and sux to.. fast food is cheaper n nicer there.. kaoz... den walked around imm.. jayson had to go so he left to buy some stuff... leaving me to wander around giant.. u thought tat they comming to buy bbq stuff at imm so stoned there for a while.. den msged wx kaoz... just call him wenxian lah wat "wx (wax).." had a gut feeling tat they are not coming tis far.. so went on the mrt to boonlay and took a bus to jy... the old ones are having a meeting.. so the young ones are there having fun.. haizz when i got there.. they had just finish their round of basketball.. no choice ah... later den play again.. went up to the itr to continue to search for my lost charger.. den chee seng suggested tat it might be inside one of the labtop bags.. and true enough.. i found it in the 3 bag i search.. after pluggin the charger in, went down to play basketball again till late... then Uncle G called n say that their meetin's over and going to buy stuff for the bbq.. initially, uncle g dun allow the kids to go and they have to go home... but later had an agreement that if there r too much stuff tat the boot cannot fit den they have to sit in the boot... went to a nearby giant at pioneer mall... everything they want to do.. so let them do lor.. the old ones are mostly there to look after them.. den mr g threaten them if the cart they were pushin hit some1.. den no need to come for the bbq alr.. haha.. den i n 3 kids follow mr R's car back to jy 1st.. unloaded n put the cold stuff in the fridge... mr g unloaded the stuff n kids n went to search for the bbq pit but cannot find.. close shop alr.. packed dinner back for them.. found out from miss tan tat the kids are not doin their work properly.. esp cheeseng.. didnt do work sia.. suppose to finish some exe den can play.. so it was decided tat next wk they come for 2 hrs do work den go home.. dinner at the canteen and chatted wif the kids till late.. mr g sent the kids home.. n i told mr r bout organizational behaviour taht i had this morning.. den now i see real life example right in front of me... Ms ma after hearding the "bad news all work no play" replied that she cannot come.. mom will scold... it turns out that mr r also had been through this ob module before.... we went to misstan's office to wait for her.. den mr g came n had a serious discussion with her.. mr r took off n mr g sent me n wenxian home..

sat...(too much going on.. if i got somethings wrong pls correct me..)
woke up at around 0830.. packed all my stuff while mr r and wx are buying all the remaining stuff.. den mr r arrived to pick me up.. we went to pioneer mall to eat breakfast n get the bbq pit.. got 6 of the quick and easy, all in 1 bbq pit on offer.. but it turns out that it was only for the charcoal only.. n the bloody container + charcoal costs 10 bucks.. to ex.. instead we got the biggest metal grill we could find there.. went to another shop to get the big alu tray to put the charcoal.. the kids were there alr.. defrosting the meat and making a mess in the staff lounge.. we brought every thing down to the canteen to wash and marinate.. chicken was done by wx n yours truely.. kept the marinated meat in the fridge n went up to the itr to relax for a while..they played risk n monopoly(powerpuff gals version)... mr r came up n found out that there r still some trays that are not sorted.. so he got the 3 boys who were playin risk while the rest are working.... around that time, Lai fam arrived.. came back from malaysia.. mavis n germaine joined others playing monopoly... junkang saw the boys so poorthing so went to help them.. as ususal.. mavis went to get her(well, its not hers actually) yellow ducky... but we took it.. threw it around.. den when she's about to get it.. we left it on top of the projector... :P hehheh.... so much relaxing sia.. so much for fun aside.. it was time to prep for the starting of the bbq.. carried the stuff down and doing the poking when the sc n kcp gals arrive... i clearly rememver i said 5 not 4.. but anywayz.. good to have more helpers.. magically we conjured a bbq stand wif a canteen table n loads of cardboard lay the bottom of the alu tray.. and grace + knife does not go well together.. scary.... but yihui n her managed to slice up a watermelon without injuring anyone.. hurrray....ahem...after that went to play a round of basketball wif the kids wx jennet n renee... the rest was watching.. played till we had to start the fire... with the help of the girls.. the fire was started burning away... burning all the way through... the cardboards are smoking too.. mr r took the thick drainage cover grill to lay ontop of the cardboards thus preventing the bbq fire to burn its way to the floor... the bbq officially started.. food was nice.. i went to put stuff on the grill.. went away.. came back the food was gone~ -.-... it happened again and again annoying sia... later found out that the flow of food went to the canteen tables and into the tummy of those sitting ther.. like mr g.. -.-... shoulda listen to him earlier.. just sit there n wait for food... after my 1st round of food, went to the bball court to join them for a round of bball... fun cheong n jennet was wif my team... every1's screaming fun cheong~! fun cheong~! pple ther will noe wat happened lah.. haha.. try harder next time fun cheong... but she did score once... very nice... slient(cause there were no net..) tat wx didnt believe it went in haha.. too bad they have to leave early.. leavin yh renee n the 2 kcp.. U were suppose to finish the food.... well expected more to come but... nvm we had fun... it was late alr... n ther is still the water bombs wahahaha... so the kids went to prepare the bombs while i prepare my food.. heh... finally get to eat something filling... wx brought out the shelled delicacy muaha.. chatted wif the friend of gal of kcp.. renee say wanna intro but.. while bbqing satay... the kcp gals n yh had to leave too.... leaving fun cheong all stomach was satisfied.. the bombs are ready... mr g n mr r decided that they will join in the fun g n wx 1 team... mr r n me another.. n the kids.. cant remember who joined who... mr g n mr r threw at eachother.. haha.. splash here wack there... it'was fun.. too bad pple went back early didnt get to play.... it the bombs finish very quickly.. den they got ready for round 2... some were filled wif cold water... mr g n mr r prepares the super duper big water bomb.. i think cheeseng went to fill 1 wif shells n soap..*faints* he got a penalty for doin tat.. in the end, everyone was wet and happy.. haha.. den renee had to leave..we cant just let her we got her a special farewell gift.. well lots of gifts infact... ;p in the end renee's wet too.. so mr g had to send her back.. wat an excuse ahaha... bbq for awhile more... den had to clean up.. packed everything n cleared the canteen... the gals went to bath in the guys shower cause ther's no water in the gals... n there's too much water in the guys side..the shower's too powerful.. screaming here n ther.. chee seng ther last... washin the dusbin cover... we watched in amusement..... everything was done.. wx went to take his shower.... mr g n i went out for some "fresh air" came back just nice wx's out my turn... Wooot~ cold water.. shiok~ went up to join them watch JianGui10.. actually quite funny rather den a scary movie.. got break dancing somemore.. aha.. after the movie finished, the gals moved downstairs to slp.. the guys stayed in the room...cheeseng was afraid to slp in total darkness so he left a row of light on... bloody hell so bright... fedup.. went to off it.. all were very tired n knocked out... mr r was ZzzZzz even before the movie finished.. N so it was

morning.... woke up too see all da gals are alr up... n were there watching us slp dunno since when... went to wash up... they were searching for mr g.. Haizzz... looking at the empty skool.... the rain drops hitting the floor... feeling the cold morning breeze on my face... set me thinkin.... It's all over.... it's really over~!.... the last robo com for 2005 n a new year is falling from the sky whether u like it or not... pple come pple go... new pple comes old faces go........ for this year's sec 3s n pri 5s... they wont be active in next yrs robotics since they have to prep for psle n Os... this yr pri6s n sec4s are leavin their current skool... goin to a higher institution..... this is life.... it goes on.... haizz.... but this yr's a little different i'm gonna miss'em... since i made so many friends tis yr... esp after the FRS.... den was SRG... den it was the big NJRC.. the WRO.. the FLL... the fun the dancing around the joy of finishin a mission the sadness the pissoffs... all in a day's work.. isnt it fun... Hmmm... that's all for robotics for me for now..... gotta get back to "normal" skool days.. kinda hard to get used to.. skool's ending startin of march 2006..... den i'd be back in action...hopefully my sip works out.. den i'd be there till oct...

anywayz.... back to reality.... the gals went to lookin for mr g n found that he's still slpin...wx slpin... mr r's oso slping.. so the gals informed mr r n left....and so i went back to slp.... wokeup bout 2hrs later.. ms tan gtg so we left juying.... sent ms tan home...... waited for her so i had my breakfast... n then to the jb-sg bus terminal near my house... sent her off to her 1wk break... den i went home... mr g's gone for a wk in japan too...

Relaxed for awhile... den went to visit my granny.. Zzzz pap's haven eat yet so we eat again... went up to see that my cousins got themselves another new gameboy~... watched mr bean with them... den i fell asleep... den paps woke up said tat we gtg...went over to afew blocks away.. to visit another relative... his 2yr old grand-daughter is there too... she's suppose to greet me as uncle.. cause im really her uncle.. ah~ so old alr... become uncle alr... haha.. later went to bukit panjang plaza to eat... like a pig eat n slp n eat n slp........ went around the place n saw pap's friend... anyway long story short... they won lucky draw.. got prize money went to eat supper wif them at the coffee shop near jy.. then sent daughter back to ntc which i found out for myself... is bloody near.. den he sent us back... Poof~ ther goes my sunday.......

PS... didnt see my tag till grace told me bout it.. so only checked after i came back frm jy.... thankz for flooding my tag sia.. i will tag back soon... who tagged sia.. got such a big reaction... dun wanna reply there cause tat will flood it again... yah grace.. ur shifu.. mr junkang to u.. is great lah.. it's good tat u learn a great deal from him... n DO not call me auntie... uncle can.. auntie cannot... i'd be there for frs06 lah.. heard tat the registration's out alr.. i shall check it out... Renee.. wa... how u noe tat i gonna pon lessons? read my mind sia... i'll try to come early lah... from tampines to sentosa = far yah?.. i will try very hard not to pon lah...Thankz yh... yeah yeah.. i shd be able to make it on thurs...heyhey sam.. yaya.. u da best lah.. see u all soon.. take care too~ haha jennet i had fun playin bball on sat.. long time nvr played liaoz......

PS... send me the photos u all took for da bbq k~ u noe the email.. just send it over... i got some photos of the jy kids from tat day n from ard the sep-nov period... if u wan them.. just tag me..


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