Wednesday, December 07, 2005


haizz.. today went skool to rot for 2 hrs in the otbs lab... actually can follow the bloody lab sheet and finish the thing 5times over in 5mins....... but it took 2 BLOODY HOURS haizzz.... project progression reports comming up.. otbs going to do and finish this wkend.... ob doing on thurs n shouldnt take long.. haizz psq dunno if is too easy liaoz cant decide on wat topic to do.. have to wait till they settle down wif the final decision......... pom's easy.. doing on ipod any how oso can bs something outof thin air.... the worrying thing now is SAND.. haizzzzzzzz kinda behind time abit by 3 wks...... n it will keep pilling up till wk 12 if dun clear.....dun like this kind of feeling.... haizzz even though sand is a bs subject, my bs skills are not so bs enough compared to the bs tutor who happens to be the bs lecturer of this king of bs subject... bsing pom doesnt require braincells compared to this.. kaoz... thinking of bs to bs in the bs report that's gonna be handled in kills brain cells faster den spongebob can prepare a crabby paddy.....-.-..... so i really dunno... wat's the bloody use of this subject?... teaching us how to bs like no other poly can?... or bs until other bsers dunno wat we are bsing about den we be bs kings and queens?.... summary.. bs subject wif a bs lecturer n bs tut n bs project due in 6wks time.. Zz.. brain not switched to "on" mode today.. toking rubbish...... but bloggin really releave stress sia~ now i feel a moment of inner peace.. i think i will slp well to night and will dream of the divine beings tat brought to me this inner peace.. shall ask them how to bs my proj... shall go slp liaoz.. den can spend more time to discuss the divine art of bsing wif them...

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