Monday, December 19, 2005

+Sian Ah~+

linked wx.. so might as well come in n blog abit.......See lah... pple go christmas shopping... go party.. go relax... n wat we do? STUDY~!!! mid sem test's tml.. haizzz.... dun really feeel the xmas mood yet.... haizzz must remind myself......otbs1-2pm... pom 5-6pm....... 22nd sand 9.30-11am..... 23rd ob 3-4pm... wat the hell.... so sad... can go only after 4... or maybe i will be lucky n get an easy paper for ob which has an imfamous high record of failure rates in the past as our tut say..... todae went to compass pt to eat breakfast den study pom~ wah... miracle sia~ den went to eat dinner.... ah photos.....


TribalStudioz in da sand
Hunks :p
Mr Peacock comes to visit

Sunset at Palawan

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