Tuesday, December 06, 2005


on dec2 spore hung an aust.. and as a result.. putfile not gonna provide free vid hosting service to spore AHH.. wat the hell.. all my time wasted uploading those gigantic sized videos den now cant even view it.. haizzz... anywayz there r still many vid host out there.. now uploading FLL vids wif streamload at least now better dun need to go click 1 by 1.. sian½ 2hr40mins more to go.. haizz i'll just leave the com on for the night lah.... SIAN lah.. MR careperson say my missing 1st 2 days of skool nevermind.. but today got a SAND warning letter ZZzzz.. wat the hell.. tat means i cant skip anymore mon or tues lessons.... haizzzzz.... SIAN ah.. pple go sentosa .... i got skool.. cannot go sentosa.. hmmm shall check my attendance if can make it...... zzz. still hav 1 dinner coming up.. dunno when so havta keep my wed to fri free... den got jy bbq... den got sec skool gathering oso.. wah kaoz... hope they dun clash.. zzZZ so late liaoz.. gtg... still hav skool later~ oh yah.. i wanna blog about...... the pics are coming soon... den the vids should be up by tml morning den i post the address...

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