Tuesday, January 31, 2006

+Hehpi Nue Yearh~+

Loooooong time no blog~last week was a stressful week sia~ rushing project which are all due one after another.. OB was friday.. 2 more's on 1feb.. 1 on 3rd.. the official "Chiong Project Week" in tp.. everyday stay in skool do till very late.. haizzz like friday ah.. really siao 1 lor~ Arg.. cause wed need to hand in liao den no skool during the long week end AND I DUN WANNA DO PROJECT during cny.. i tell u it sucks to hav to do skool work during cny.. especially projects.. stress u out till u cannot feel the holiday mood.. n some more they wanna meet up of all times.. on tues..

i noe pple are sick n tired of the numa numa song... but here is a chinese

so friday is the last day liaoz.... went to skool dressed in formal clothes! long sleeved shirts, long pants n all for presentation.. 9-11.. bloody hell.. tio pang sieh~ was suppose to meet up wif my sec school mates but all suddenly dun wan to meet up liaoz.. nvm.. heard tat jayson's group going to hav a meal tgt so decided to join them.. jayson's group really steady lah all there piah project... not like mine.. haizz.. so went to do as much as i can till the lab closed and the technician hav to come n chase us out.. after we leave skool.. saw huihui n yvonne on the bus also going to city hall.. we went to the noodle bar noo¢h at the citylink there..i suagu 1st time in ther cause every time walk pass all dun see pple inside.. dunno the food good anot.. anywayz~ went it hor.. immediately see y liaoz... wah kaoz~ black charcoal face is their main course sia~ they see us hor like see their boss gonna cut their pay like tat.. dun smile at all.. their food was not bad lah.. but there are nicer restaurants around wif BETTER service.. feel so uneasy wif the service lik tat.. but the enviroment was good lah.. lavonne keep taking pics till ther's no batt left.. wasted sia~ didnt have a group pic.. nvm ther's a next time.. soon.. Apr3.. we all hav to wear formal again.. walked around hmv for a while.. den mr martin n mr raymond n ms lavonne gtg.. left the 4 of us.. go marina square there shop shop.. they shop.. we watch.. found so really nice cloths ther.. n not very expensive too~! they shop for shoes.. jay n me sian~ go walk around see see.. went to look for qian.. but she not there.. gettin late.. i tot they wanna go party.. walking towards DXO.. but go take bus nia.. lol~ go home liaoz.. left jayson n me liaoz.. offer to walk him to clark quay mrt.. n discovered tat ther r loads of stuff to see around the esplanade area.. took some pics.. dun mind the quality..cameraphone.. zzz will upload pics another time..

It was sat.. went out for a last min shopping trip that afternoon... most of the chinese stalls were closed.. looked around n found wat we need.. packed back some roti john for lunch.. reunion dinner was.. how to say?.. not very filling.. n not as fun as last yr... ahem! some 1 didnt come lor~ nvm.. watched some boring tv shows.. most of the time i;m munching on the newyr tibits~ ;p

Sun.. went to granny's house.. stayed there the whole day.. collecting hongbao from every married adult tat steps into the house.. muahahha.. ;p saw loads of long time no see cousins.. n all the uncle n aunties tat i dunno how to call.. the steamboat ther was much better.. hehehe... more variety of food.. pieces bak gua was huge... like nvr cut like tat.. my cousins went on talking about army life.. using all those "army slangs" tat i will soon understand... after hearing them talk so much.. i have decided.. i wanna be a clerk~! so shuang.. sit in office all day.. no need to stay in.. can bring camera phone.. Oh~ we took a sort of family pic photo... managed to squeeze every1 there in it.. ther could be more.. but they gtg.. wah.. dunno my granny's place can squeeze so much pple.. n dad went to showoff his pic-bridge photo printing printer toy.. printed photos for every1.. i heard he charged $10 per photo.. no la.. hmm maybe i can take to skool n start doing the same.. as usual went to uncle's house few blocks away.. watched a taiwan food variety show.. drooling away.. late liaoz~ slp 1st.. tml continue...


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Saturday, January 21, 2006

+Gifted and Talented+

Do they not understand? wat gifted program... wat express/normal streams.. this type of education system is in place since the days of our parents and is largely left unchanged through out the years... why do they keep on saying that the only constant is change, there have been so many changes in society, technology and the enviroment, yet~ they refuse to give deep thoughts in changing the education system to face the 21centry.. this is the sterotyping scorched into the brains of most parents in singapore, where parents would tell their kids,"eh son! u see that road sweeping guy?.. if you don't well in schools ah!,next time u will become road-sweepers like him... " i admit.. i am not academically talented, so are many school drop outs turn great achievers.. DO they become road-sweepers or garbage removers? NO!

Myth that Gifted and Talented means the same thing:
Again, not necessarily. There is no rule that states that a child who is capable of scoring to the high ninety percentiles on group achievement testing must be considered gifted. We must remember that achievement tests like the Metropolitan Achievement Tests are "Grade Level Testing". Such a child is most definitely Academically Talented. But further individualized IQ and out of level academic testing must be given before we can define that child as "Gifted". At the same time, there is no rule that states a child identified as gifted should be Achieving to high standards in the classroom. This type of stereotyping can do serious and irreversible damage to both groups. ANY child can benefit from enrichment. Academically Talented Children can benefit from Honors (Grade Level) Classes. Intellectually Gifted children need a differentiated curriculum and possibly even a different environment.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


As if we haven had enough of the 3story bungalow crap(nj05) already, SSC came out wif another of this kind of wonderful creation... but BIGGER... At first sight of the badly rendered, "not to scale" 3d images, my reaction was.. WAT THE FARK is this.. This field had ssc written all over it... BAH... As i assume from wat i saw of the images, one third of it would be on the ground level, middle third would be ramps, and the last third would be the plateau some 60cm above hard solid earth... This year, ther will be electric components in the field.. namely the lift... hopefully itis an automated one.. imagine those poor souls cranking the lift up n down carrying their heavy babies... cursing n swearing y dont ssc make a bloody automated one.. Anyway, i assume that ssc wanted to experience the cheap thrill of watching the teams crystal of sweat n blood fall down the slopes n elevated platforms, will not place walls around the platforms. Hmm.. this year's frs would be more exciting huh~ dont you think so? By the looks of this stupid design, there is no way the bots are going to reach the top without the "lift"platform at the top deck... The bots are just gonna fall from the sky n slam into the ground one way or another.. measurements are released yet, so my rough estimation is that it will be 3-5meters squared.

As USUAL, no details on the VERY IMPORTANT scoring part of the challenge.(i didnt go for the briefing, so i dont know if they secretly tell those who were there.)Asses for the auto. part, it's the same as last year.. line track to the finish line starts 1st. Then take the lift to the top, come down to the middle platform, collect balls. Assuming that everything stays the same, there is a tunnel that holds 8balls max(should be the same cheapskate balls used like last year) with a dispenser in the middle of the field. Grab da balls go up the top platform again, somehow release the ball into a imaginery hole somewhere in the imaginary wall and u get some points.(maybe.. JUST maybe, like last year, grabbing collecting the opponent's balls will get u more points) After delivering all the balls, and not forgetting the important task of pushing your opponent over the edge after grabbing taking their balls, the robot has to some how cling on for life on the flimsy well supported cable and slide down to nowhere and pray that the string don't snap

So much for the challenge.. like fun cheong said.. old liaoz.. this year will see many if not all new faces in the competition.. ssc hopes for 40*$200=$80k in revenue 40 teams to participate but hopes are not high... as of this writin, there's only 18 in the teams list, very cold response compared to last year i would say.. That about sums up all i have to say for frs06 for now..

gtg do my projects n prep for my exams... haizz exam timetable out today.. idiot sia kanna 7pm paper again~!.. well.. will be free after the 27th.. TAKA CARE~ all da best for your papers too!.. dun go back for sub papers~!!
Principles of Marketing
21 Feb 2006 09:30 - 11:30 BS26-03-13/14 12
Organisational Behaviour
23 Feb 2006 19:00 - 21:00 Sports Hall 704
Systems Analysis and Design
27 Feb 2006 09:30 - 12:30 BS26-04-02/03 12

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

+Exams fever!!!+

almost all my lecs n tuts hav finished.... tat means less lessons.. more time to play... no la.. exams coming.. project deadline coming.... 2 in 1 weeks time.. 3 in 2 weeks time... so much to do... whahaha.. lucky otbs n psq no exams... so only 3 papers to worry about...

anywayz.. last thurs met wenXian.. Ahem late ah!... nvm.. i was early.. didnt noe could reach bedok so fast from my skool.. if i knew i'd stay in skool longer... went to jy saw the kids kanna interviewed by Mr g.. how u feel bout the JEDI lessons?... wat do u think makes a good leader?.. n other questions... n most important of all.. they must sign contract say grades cannot deprove.. ms tan got me to see if the coms there can be fixed wif linux anot.. tried out the open office... freebie... freee!!! no need to buy... works... but the linux.. not workin.. so went back to fix on friday... got there.. didnt see mr r's car.. haven reach yet.. lucky mdm azimah open the door for me.. brought my cds there.. the coms ther bloody slow la... wait n wait n wait n wait n wait den i finish loading.. but hey.. it works.. Mr G says the ms access is good for doing survey compilation but file size too big.. need to find time to improve it.. ms tan oso interested... QIU wo Ah~ ;p

sat morning.. breakfast wif fam den walked over to popular at bras basah.. they named it pop@central.. the whole place is renovated.. really nice.. bro bought a few books.. den i went off to meet my friends.. wensheng ah.. came back to Sg.. so met yanming n headed to cini basement to eat n catch up.. realized tat other pple wont be coming till evening time so went up to play pool... -_-.. both pro sia.. some idol audition was the hall beside the kpool but didnt really cared bout it.. went on for about 2hrs den we were tired.. packed up n went down to stone for awhile.. ade arrived.. den went up to the arcade again... played 1 round of pool there wif ade for her to "shuang yi xia".. clear table game sia.. i missed the last ball -_-~ some more set ball for her.. she won lah.. den saw a european teen should be la.. blonde hair n all.. dancin on the machine.. really farnnie..caught the attention of all the pple ther.. den the rest arrived.. kt n qian n yuan.. now know as carrie.. just nice.. got down to the basement got a place at cartel ther.. stoned awhile.. yong zhi arrived.. n after a UN conference finally.. decided to share seafood plater.. went up again for a 8person neo.. -_-.. travel so many times up n down sia.. saw that neo print shop guy.. tat.. nvm.. carrie went on her way.. den the rest of us headed to Sitarbucks talked bout plans paiSeh.. dun wanna drink koppie.. cause koppie n alcohol dun really mix well.. decided tat we crash ws's place nxt week den head back to look for teachers the morning.... went back home for supper.. drank wif dad n bro.. tat bout it ah...

sleep till pretty late on the lazy sunday afternoon.... went shopping around new year clothes wif wx.. walk here walk ther... went to had bk lunch.. he got 3shirts.. i shop around.. eye my targets 1st.. suddenly so tired.. kk gtg.. bb..

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

+05 reflections+

cant slp.. woke up again.. decided to do a reflection about last yr.. gonna be a long post.. dunno when i'd finish..

First of all.. Apologies..
i wanna say Sorry! to anyone who i have offended in 2005.. be it calling u a fat ass.. be it shouting in ur face.. be it showing really pissed-off face.. any other stuff.. i am very sorry.. hope u guys will accept my apologies.. if not.. there is nothing i can do oso.. pls forgive me if i type any of the names wrongly, or recall the events wrongly.

Alright.. now to Thank..(not in any order)
(.. and no this is not a farewell message, i'm not about to commit suicide)
i've been an insensitive bastard taking too many things for granted. though for some reasons..it feels like i'm drifting further n further away from cchs.. i still wanna thank you guys for bringing glory to cchs.. thank you jy pple.. ms tan,mrs soh, ms cheong n all the other teachers for teaching me tons n tons of stuff that i wont learn in school... thankz to the kids: jun kang, shu ying, calista, leelim, jai hui, casar, mavis, xiu hui, germaine, chee seng, kelly, fishball king(kiat yang), sylva, ying ying and all the rest for putting a smile on my face.. they so cute lah.. thanks sc pple.. sam, yihui, grace, renee, kelly, jennet, clarissa, xiaofang, hanny and others. thankz wen xian..(u special ah.. hope to see u NOT doing solo in 06).. AND especially to Tribalstudioz Mr G, Mr O, Mr R, ms wendy, bud n khai.. without tribal, i wont even be in this field..

i wanna thank my fellow pri skoolmates for making the reunion wonderful great to see u guys after 6yrs.. my fellow cchs classmates too bad 05 is A levels yr.. didnt have the chance to meet up often.. last but not least, my poly mates for chionging projects, studying together, talking crap tgt, n hangin out tgt.. n thank u pple tat i've missed out..

thankyou pple for being there with me enjoying, having fun, doing serious work. thank you for relighting my passion.. it's great to know u guys. without u pple, i wont be what i am now..

Well.. thats done.. now for the events that happened in2005
siao.. how 2 summarize sia?.. for skool.. ended my 1st yr in tp.. n stared on my 2nd yr and almost ending.. had a great chinese new year.. great income.. went back to cchs looking for teachers.. then prep for frs2005.. met sc pple for the 1st time who thought i was some human eating monster -_-.. well had a great experience doing n knowing more pple..

had a wonderful 18th bd.. great to have pple to celebrate bd together.. 3,4,5 together sia.. remembered the Champaign cork that left mr O in shock.. had a wonderful end-of-year-one break.. went around doing and learning alot of things.. and then it was on to srg05.. wonderful performance by sc.. got a 3rd.. went to sc at night to watch their performance.. n sam's singin... isit talentime?.. tot same was gonna immitate jaychou.. after that went to play bball till very late.. found true love.. at least i thought it was.. started my 2nd year in tp.. with more dunno-wat-the-hell-is-that subjects.. got to meet up with moi pri skool friends after being apart for 6yrs.. recontacted.. still remembered 1st thing we do is press handphone.. store eachother's number.. got to know some1 who now is a very good friend.. went to hang.. watched mid-nite shows.. n did other crazy stuf.. got a blog on blogspot n somewhat got addicted to blogging..

then came sep.. my vacation.. equivalent of the june holidays.. but longer.. 2mths.. those 2mths was really packed.. starting off was the nj2005.. the missions was screwed as usual.. was the 3 lvl bunglow house.. wif only 1 wall.. did well though.. jy sc n vs got a pretty amount of awards.. shortly after that went to philippines to visit my grandfather's brother.. tat's grand-uncle? he's not in a really good condition.. so spent the week wif them.. raining most of the time.. n when the sky's clear.. we'd be wandering around the small town... came back.. celebrated qian's bd.. den went to jy's p5 camp.... had a chalet at dte wif pri skoolmates..
did arty farty stuff with the p6 jy kids.. n prepared for their openhouse.. fun stuff lah.. play wif remote control planes n choppers n cars.. went to thailand for WRO.. wonderful experience.. still remembered that talk wif mr O n mr G that night bout the existance of humans.. wah.. so deep sia..

starting dec was fll had great results overall.. proud of u guys.. den went out wif the sc n kcp n wx for a few times.. n those things just happened not too long ago lah.. dun need to write again.. kaoz.. it's 4:30.. cannot take it anymore.. shall continue some other time.. gtg..

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Friday, January 06, 2006


OMG OMG OMG!!!... i wan i wan i wan..... ok.. this isnt like my usual self.. but this is BLOODY COOL LAH!!! ok some stuff copied from lego site..

• All-new NXT intelligent brick
• 3 interactive servo motors feature inbuilt rotation sensors to align speed for precise control
• New ultrasonic sensor makes robots “see” by responding to movement
• New sound sensor enables robots to react to sound commands, including sound pattern and tone recognition
• Improved light sensor detects different colors and light intensity
• Improved touch sensor reacts to touch or release and allows robots to feel
• 519 hand-selected, stylized elements from the LEGO TECHNIC® building system ensure robot creations will be sturdy and durable while also looking authentic
• Opportunities for physical programming of robots and interaction with robots during programming
• 18 building challenges with clear, step-by-step instructions help acclimate users to the new system to create robots ranging from humanoids and machinery to animals and vehicles
• Digital wire interface allows for third-party developments
• Information, inspiration, news, community programs and more at www.mindstorms.com

drooling yet? check out the site
New Lego Mindstorm site...
check out their blog

~from Lego's image library

CES Video
BotMag Article
how the NXT came about

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Monday, January 02, 2006

+it's the start of the new year..+

ah... 2006... i bet tml i will continue to write 2005 for date in my notes... too used to it.... my connection's back to normal.. all thanks to that faulty wire.. anywayz.. gonna start my last term of yr2 in poly.. den it's vacation, attachment, vacation, final yr project, n grad.. time flies.. oh~ new year resolutions..1) be more attentive in class.. 2)dun be so lazy.. 3)try to get to class on time.. 4) complete all the projects.. 5) pass drivin.. 6)play more sports.. 7) get better grades this time.. 8)world peace.. the list goes on... stop here for now.. fliping throug the frs05 photos... i just realized tat i wasnt in the group photo -_-.. wat the hell.. i shall photoshop my head in there when i hav the time... frs06 coming very soon.. pple wan to join.. but cockup center has cockup rules.. havin difficulties joining sia.. for 200bucks u get nothing at all.. just bloody thick ring files of "OFFICIAL" rules.. but ther will just be more non official rules coming on the day it self.. just to join the com.. u wan to go play the matches? can pay another500 to get a controller, den more to get materials u build ur own baby.. but got pple endu alr woh register liaoz woh.. let me bit¢h some more bout ssc before i start my new year.. the announcement is 2 weeks away... ON A MONDAY 2pm.. wat the hell who will go? den the ssc pple is pro sia learn from sentosa party pple.. after 3pm charge 10 more they after 16th charge 100bucks more.. somemore yr1 jc studs cannot join cause of their 3mth testing period wif the jc.. not officially belonging to that jc.. if any1 wanna defend ssc(seriouly screwedup center) feel free to flame my tag..


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+screw tat connection....+

ah hell.. connection is coming on n off... bloody annoying.. sorry for the on n off in msn n not replying... HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY ONE...though it's abit late.. BEST wishes for the new year.. all the best in watever u do~! kk shall blog another time..


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