Wednesday, January 11, 2006

+05 reflections+

cant slp.. woke up again.. decided to do a reflection about last yr.. gonna be a long post.. dunno when i'd finish..

First of all.. Apologies..
i wanna say Sorry! to anyone who i have offended in 2005.. be it calling u a fat ass.. be it shouting in ur face.. be it showing really pissed-off face.. any other stuff.. i am very sorry.. hope u guys will accept my apologies.. if not.. there is nothing i can do oso.. pls forgive me if i type any of the names wrongly, or recall the events wrongly.

Alright.. now to Thank..(not in any order)
(.. and no this is not a farewell message, i'm not about to commit suicide)
i've been an insensitive bastard taking too many things for granted. though for some feels like i'm drifting further n further away from cchs.. i still wanna thank you guys for bringing glory to cchs.. thank you jy pple.. ms tan,mrs soh, ms cheong n all the other teachers for teaching me tons n tons of stuff that i wont learn in school... thankz to the kids: jun kang, shu ying, calista, leelim, jai hui, casar, mavis, xiu hui, germaine, chee seng, kelly, fishball king(kiat yang), sylva, ying ying and all the rest for putting a smile on my face.. they so cute lah.. thanks sc pple.. sam, yihui, grace, renee, kelly, jennet, clarissa, xiaofang, hanny and others. thankz wen xian..(u special ah.. hope to see u NOT doing solo in 06).. AND especially to Tribalstudioz Mr G, Mr O, Mr R, ms wendy, bud n khai.. without tribal, i wont even be in this field..

i wanna thank my fellow pri skoolmates for making the reunion wonderful great to see u guys after 6yrs.. my fellow cchs classmates too bad 05 is A levels yr.. didnt have the chance to meet up often.. last but not least, my poly mates for chionging projects, studying together, talking crap tgt, n hangin out tgt.. n thank u pple tat i've missed out..

thankyou pple for being there with me enjoying, having fun, doing serious work. thank you for relighting my passion.. it's great to know u guys. without u pple, i wont be what i am now..

Well.. thats done.. now for the events that happened in2005
siao.. how 2 summarize sia?.. for skool.. ended my 1st yr in tp.. n stared on my 2nd yr and almost ending.. had a great chinese new year.. great income.. went back to cchs looking for teachers.. then prep for frs2005.. met sc pple for the 1st time who thought i was some human eating monster -_-.. well had a great experience doing n knowing more pple..

had a wonderful 18th bd.. great to have pple to celebrate bd together.. 3,4,5 together sia.. remembered the Champaign cork that left mr O in shock.. had a wonderful end-of-year-one break.. went around doing and learning alot of things.. and then it was on to srg05.. wonderful performance by sc.. got a 3rd.. went to sc at night to watch their performance.. n sam's singin... isit talentime?.. tot same was gonna immitate jaychou.. after that went to play bball till very late.. found true love.. at least i thought it was.. started my 2nd year in tp.. with more dunno-wat-the-hell-is-that subjects.. got to meet up with moi pri skool friends after being apart for 6yrs.. recontacted.. still remembered 1st thing we do is press handphone.. store eachother's number.. got to know some1 who now is a very good friend.. went to hang.. watched mid-nite shows.. n did other crazy stuf.. got a blog on blogspot n somewhat got addicted to blogging..

then came sep.. my vacation.. equivalent of the june holidays.. but longer.. 2mths.. those 2mths was really packed.. starting off was the nj2005.. the missions was screwed as usual.. was the 3 lvl bunglow house.. wif only 1 wall.. did well though.. jy sc n vs got a pretty amount of awards.. shortly after that went to philippines to visit my grandfather's brother.. tat's grand-uncle? he's not in a really good condition.. so spent the week wif them.. raining most of the time.. n when the sky's clear.. we'd be wandering around the small town... came back.. celebrated qian's bd.. den went to jy's p5 camp.... had a chalet at dte wif pri skoolmates..
did arty farty stuff with the p6 jy kids.. n prepared for their openhouse.. fun stuff lah.. play wif remote control planes n choppers n cars.. went to thailand for WRO.. wonderful experience.. still remembered that talk wif mr O n mr G that night bout the existance of humans.. wah.. so deep sia..

starting dec was fll had great results overall.. proud of u guys.. den went out wif the sc n kcp n wx for a few times.. n those things just happened not too long ago lah.. dun need to write again.. kaoz.. it's 4:30.. cannot take it anymore.. shall continue some other time.. gtg..

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