Tuesday, January 17, 2006

+Exams fever!!!+

almost all my lecs n tuts hav finished.... tat means less lessons.. more time to play... no la.. exams coming.. project deadline coming.... 2 in 1 weeks time.. 3 in 2 weeks time... so much to do... whahaha.. lucky otbs n psq no exams... so only 3 papers to worry about...

anywayz.. last thurs met wenXian.. Ahem late ah!... nvm.. i was early.. didnt noe could reach bedok so fast from my skool.. if i knew i'd stay in skool longer... went to jy saw the kids kanna interviewed by Mr g.. how u feel bout the JEDI lessons?... wat do u think makes a good leader?.. n other questions... n most important of all.. they must sign contract say grades cannot deprove.. ms tan got me to see if the coms there can be fixed wif linux anot.. tried out the open office... freebie... freee!!! no need to buy... works... but the linux.. not workin.. so went back to fix on friday... got there.. didnt see mr r's car.. haven reach yet.. lucky mdm azimah open the door for me.. brought my cds there.. the coms ther bloody slow la... wait n wait n wait n wait n wait den i finish loading.. but hey.. it works.. Mr G says the ms access is good for doing survey compilation but file size too big.. need to find time to improve it.. ms tan oso interested... QIU wo Ah~ ;p

sat morning.. breakfast wif fam den walked over to popular at bras basah.. they named it pop@central.. the whole place is renovated.. really nice.. bro bought a few books.. den i went off to meet my friends.. wensheng ah.. came back to Sg.. so met yanming n headed to cini basement to eat n catch up.. realized tat other pple wont be coming till evening time so went up to play pool... -_-.. both pro sia.. some idol audition was the hall beside the kpool but didnt really cared bout it.. went on for about 2hrs den we were tired.. packed up n went down to stone for awhile.. ade arrived.. den went up to the arcade again... played 1 round of pool there wif ade for her to "shuang yi xia".. clear table game sia.. i missed the last ball -_-~ some more set ball for her.. she won lah.. den saw a european teen should be la.. blonde hair n all.. dancin on the machine.. really farnnie..caught the attention of all the pple ther.. den the rest arrived.. kt n qian n yuan.. now know as carrie.. just nice.. got down to the basement got a place at cartel ther.. stoned awhile.. yong zhi arrived.. n after a UN conference finally.. decided to share seafood plater.. went up again for a 8person neo.. -_-.. travel so many times up n down sia.. saw that neo print shop guy.. tat.. nvm.. carrie went on her way.. den the rest of us headed to Sitarbucks talked bout plans paiSeh.. dun wanna drink koppie.. cause koppie n alcohol dun really mix well.. decided tat we crash ws's place nxt week den head back to look for teachers the morning.... went back home for supper.. drank wif dad n bro.. tat bout it ah...

sleep till pretty late on the lazy sunday afternoon.... went shopping around new year clothes wif wx.. walk here walk ther... went to had bk lunch.. he got 3shirts.. i shop around.. eye my targets 1st.. suddenly so tired.. kk gtg.. bb..

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