Wednesday, January 18, 2006


As if we haven had enough of the 3story bungalow crap(nj05) already, SSC came out wif another of this kind of wonderful creation... but BIGGER... At first sight of the badly rendered, "not to scale" 3d images, my reaction was.. WAT THE FARK is this.. This field had ssc written all over it... BAH... As i assume from wat i saw of the images, one third of it would be on the ground level, middle third would be ramps, and the last third would be the plateau some 60cm above hard solid earth... This year, ther will be electric components in the field.. namely the lift... hopefully itis an automated one.. imagine those poor souls cranking the lift up n down carrying their heavy babies... cursing n swearing y dont ssc make a bloody automated one.. Anyway, i assume that ssc wanted to experience the cheap thrill of watching the teams crystal of sweat n blood fall down the slopes n elevated platforms, will not place walls around the platforms. Hmm.. this year's frs would be more exciting huh~ dont you think so? By the looks of this stupid design, there is no way the bots are going to reach the top without the "lift"platform at the top deck... The bots are just gonna fall from the sky n slam into the ground one way or another.. measurements are released yet, so my rough estimation is that it will be 3-5meters squared.

As USUAL, no details on the VERY IMPORTANT scoring part of the challenge.(i didnt go for the briefing, so i dont know if they secretly tell those who were there.)Asses for the auto. part, it's the same as last year.. line track to the finish line starts 1st. Then take the lift to the top, come down to the middle platform, collect balls. Assuming that everything stays the same, there is a tunnel that holds 8balls max(should be the same cheapskate balls used like last year) with a dispenser in the middle of the field. Grab da balls go up the top platform again, somehow release the ball into a imaginery hole somewhere in the imaginary wall and u get some points.(maybe.. JUST maybe, like last year, grabbing collecting the opponent's balls will get u more points) After delivering all the balls, and not forgetting the important task of pushing your opponent over the edge after grabbing taking their balls, the robot has to some how cling on for life on the flimsy well supported cable and slide down to nowhere and pray that the string don't snap

So much for the challenge.. like fun cheong said.. old liaoz.. this year will see many if not all new faces in the competition.. ssc hopes for 40*$200=$80k in revenue 40 teams to participate but hopes are not high... as of this writin, there's only 18 in the teams list, very cold response compared to last year i would say.. That about sums up all i have to say for frs06 for now..

gtg do my projects n prep for my exams... haizz exam timetable out today.. idiot sia kanna 7pm paper again~!.. well.. will be free after the 27th.. TAKA CARE~ all da best for your papers too!.. dun go back for sub papers~!!
Principles of Marketing
21 Feb 2006 09:30 - 11:30 BS26-03-13/14 12
Organisational Behaviour
23 Feb 2006 19:00 - 21:00 Sports Hall 704
Systems Analysis and Design
27 Feb 2006 09:30 - 12:30 BS26-04-02/03 12

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