Tuesday, January 31, 2006

+Hehpi Nue Yearh~+

Loooooong time no blog~last week was a stressful week sia~ rushing project which are all due one after another.. OB was friday.. 2 more's on 1feb.. 1 on 3rd.. the official "Chiong Project Week" in tp.. everyday stay in skool do till very late.. haizzz like friday ah.. really siao 1 lor~ Arg.. cause wed need to hand in liao den no skool during the long week end AND I DUN WANNA DO PROJECT during cny.. i tell u it sucks to hav to do skool work during cny.. especially projects.. stress u out till u cannot feel the holiday mood.. n some more they wanna meet up of all times.. on tues..

i noe pple are sick n tired of the numa numa song... but here is a chinese

so friday is the last day liaoz.... went to skool dressed in formal clothes! long sleeved shirts, long pants n all for presentation.. 9-11.. bloody hell.. tio pang sieh~ was suppose to meet up wif my sec school mates but all suddenly dun wan to meet up liaoz.. nvm.. heard tat jayson's group going to hav a meal tgt so decided to join them.. jayson's group really steady lah all there piah project... not like mine.. haizz.. so went to do as much as i can till the lab closed and the technician hav to come n chase us out.. after we leave skool.. saw huihui n yvonne on the bus also going to city hall.. we went to the noodle bar noo¢h at the citylink there..i suagu 1st time in ther cause every time walk pass all dun see pple inside.. dunno the food good anot.. anywayz~ went it hor.. immediately see y liaoz... wah kaoz~ black charcoal face is their main course sia~ they see us hor like see their boss gonna cut their pay like tat.. dun smile at all.. their food was not bad lah.. but there are nicer restaurants around wif BETTER service.. feel so uneasy wif the service lik tat.. but the enviroment was good lah.. lavonne keep taking pics till ther's no batt left.. wasted sia~ didnt have a group pic.. nvm ther's a next time.. soon.. Apr3.. we all hav to wear formal again.. walked around hmv for a while.. den mr martin n mr raymond n ms lavonne gtg.. left the 4 of us.. go marina square there shop shop.. they shop.. we watch.. found so really nice cloths ther.. n not very expensive too~! they shop for shoes.. jay n me sian~ go walk around see see.. went to look for qian.. but she not there.. gettin late.. i tot they wanna go party.. walking towards DXO.. but go take bus nia.. lol~ go home liaoz.. left jayson n me liaoz.. offer to walk him to clark quay mrt.. n discovered tat ther r loads of stuff to see around the esplanade area.. took some pics.. dun mind the quality..cameraphone.. zzz will upload pics another time..

It was sat.. went out for a last min shopping trip that afternoon... most of the chinese stalls were closed.. looked around n found wat we need.. packed back some roti john for lunch.. reunion dinner was.. how to say?.. not very filling.. n not as fun as last yr... ahem! some 1 didnt come lor~ nvm.. watched some boring tv shows.. most of the time i;m munching on the newyr tibits~ ;p

Sun.. went to granny's house.. stayed there the whole day.. collecting hongbao from every married adult tat steps into the house.. muahahha.. ;p saw loads of long time no see cousins.. n all the uncle n aunties tat i dunno how to call.. the steamboat ther was much better.. hehehe... more variety of food.. pieces bak gua was huge... like nvr cut like tat.. my cousins went on talking about army life.. using all those "army slangs" tat i will soon understand... after hearing them talk so much.. i have decided.. i wanna be a clerk~! so shuang.. sit in office all day.. no need to stay in.. can bring camera phone.. Oh~ we took a sort of family pic photo... managed to squeeze every1 there in it.. ther could be more.. but they gtg.. wah.. dunno my granny's place can squeeze so much pple.. n dad went to showoff his pic-bridge photo printing printer toy.. printed photos for every1.. i heard he charged $10 per photo.. no la.. hmm maybe i can take to skool n start doing the same.. as usual went to uncle's house few blocks away.. watched a taiwan food variety show.. drooling away.. late liaoz~ slp 1st.. tml continue...


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