Monday, January 02, 2006

+it's the start of the new year..+

ah... 2006... i bet tml i will continue to write 2005 for date in my notes... too used to it.... my connection's back to normal.. all thanks to that faulty wire.. anywayz.. gonna start my last term of yr2 in poly.. den it's vacation, attachment, vacation, final yr project, n grad.. time flies.. oh~ new year resolutions..1) be more attentive in class.. 2)dun be so lazy.. 3)try to get to class on time.. 4) complete all the projects.. 5) pass drivin.. 6)play more sports.. 7) get better grades this time.. 8)world peace.. the list goes on... stop here for now.. fliping throug the frs05 photos... i just realized tat i wasnt in the group photo -_-.. wat the hell.. i shall photoshop my head in there when i hav the time... frs06 coming very soon.. pple wan to join.. but cockup center has cockup rules.. havin difficulties joining sia.. for 200bucks u get nothing at all.. just bloody thick ring files of "OFFICIAL" rules.. but ther will just be more non official rules coming on the day it self.. just to join the com.. u wan to go play the matches? can pay another500 to get a controller, den more to get materials u build ur own baby.. but got pple endu alr woh register liaoz woh.. let me bit¢h some more bout ssc before i start my new year.. the announcement is 2 weeks away... ON A MONDAY 2pm.. wat the hell who will go? den the ssc pple is pro sia learn from sentosa party pple.. after 3pm charge 10 more they after 16th charge 100bucks more.. somemore yr1 jc studs cannot join cause of their 3mth testing period wif the jc.. not officially belonging to that jc.. if any1 wanna defend ssc(seriouly screwedup center) feel free to flame my tag..


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