Saturday, February 11, 2006

+Last wk of skool+

ARG.. my com powered down while i'm typing half way.. Bloody hell-.-! dun feeling like typing so much again..

yup last day of skool.. arrived earlier to return joyce's notes.. had the last OB tut.. den she returned our project n courcework grades.. had some time so went to the lab to print notes.. den went down for the OB revision lec.. went out of skool for lunch.. saw this really cute kitten curling up n slping at 1 corner.. went back n waited for the SAND quiz.. chaos n havoc.. got 2% overall out of 3.. went to the lab to print photos.. scanned n printed.. but image quality was pretty bad.. dun wanna waste anymore time.. went to tekka mall to get a new wallet.. the old 1 is long long time due it's expiry date.. headed to simlim wif jayson to look for his high gain antenna.. den jayson broke his shoe.. went back to tekka mall to look for a new pair.. went home.. transferred stuff to the new wallet.. aunts came over for dinner as usual.. had special guests tonite.. mom's bro came over to get the photo printer.. dad's selling it n buyin a new 1.. dad came home after dinner wif his colleagues.. they came to visit for a while den left..

went to the morning otbs class at 11.. only poonam, joyce, jayson n me were there.. went to print photos.. they turned out pretty good.. went for lunch at the biz park.. after that went to last PSQ tut.. waited for our turn for the cher to debrief our project.. went down to print somemore photos while waiting for jayson n joyce.. we went to walk around citylink n marina square.. met qian ther n chatted for quite a while.. den met up wif them for a while before heading home.. got my stuff n headed for a swim.. went to KFC for dinner after tat den headed home..

went to skool for the POM revision lec.. den met up wif ade to see if i could be of any help.. waited a hour for no.1 to turn up n showed a crappy website.. CMI piece of work.. didnt help much oso.. gtg meet joyce n jayson.. they say wanna hang at my house tot they were jokin.. reached my house.. den got a call from edwin.. i totally forgot that he's performing todae in skool.. SO so so sorrie.. cant just leave the 2 of them ther.. haizz so didnt go watch him sing in the end.. around 6 joyce went for her dinner.. i went to simlim wif jayson.. walkaround finally saw this hdd divx player i've been eyeing.. surprised tat's a singapore product.. lots of functions.. but still pretty ex right now at around 300 for the case only..

went for OTBS.. 1on1 for our shopping cart today.. den went out for lunch wif bel, joyce n jayson at phins.. went back to skool wif bel for our SAND QnA.. den went back to tamp central again to look for jayson n joyce.. joined their game of 8-ball.. then rotted at the interchange wif bel waiting for ct.. went to his house.. had dinner at his house.. appearently his mom had a hard time believing tat i'm a guy.. perceptual defence is at work.. learnt i how 2 play majong after tat.. beginners' luck.. won a few rounds.. den headed to the mrt station wher i missed the last train home.. came up to the bus stop.. n discovered tat the last bus had left too.. bo bian.. hada take cab.. BLOODY Hell 8bucks.. wif $3 midnite surcharge..

monday blues.. even though our class starts at 2pm today.. went to class to rot.. draw lots.. we were the last group to hav the QnA tml.. 1st 2 groups today.. the rest can leave liaoz.. WTH.. waste time.. 2plus only.. went to tamp central wif bel.. sneaked long john n crispy chicken into the movie theater.. watched fearless...a must watch..after the movie, i took 23 home..

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

+Message 88119.1001+

a compelling story: The Hoax of Female Empowerment
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Friday, February 03, 2006

+strange day+

Zzzz.. was in a strange mood the whole day today... dunno how 2 describe it... it's just the kinda dunno why... cannot help it but think alot... n brain juices overflowing that kind... it'll be a sleepless nite again...

That day, my heart was broken.
It fell on the floor,
Broke into a thosand pieces
And got trampled all over..

I quickly swept it into a pile.
Picked it up,
Washed it
And glued it back all together..

I felt perfectly calm.
Not happy,
Nor sad
Just floating along all fine..

Or so i thought..
Cracks were still there,
Chips were lying around
And holes all right through..

And how i felt on that day,
I don't want anyone to know.
I want to forget how i felt on
That day, when my heart was broken..

Hey, i wrote a poem~ wahhh... looks like a sad poem sia~ dun worry i'm fine.. ;p just my brain juices overflowing might as well collect some n put it into good use..

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