Friday, February 03, 2006

+strange day+

Zzzz.. was in a strange mood the whole day today... dunno how 2 describe it... it's just the kinda dunno why... cannot help it but think alot... n brain juices overflowing that kind... it'll be a sleepless nite again...

That day, my heart was broken.
It fell on the floor,
Broke into a thosand pieces
And got trampled all over..

I quickly swept it into a pile.
Picked it up,
Washed it
And glued it back all together..

I felt perfectly calm.
Not happy,
Nor sad
Just floating along all fine..

Or so i thought..
Cracks were still there,
Chips were lying around
And holes all right through..

And how i felt on that day,
I don't want anyone to know.
I want to forget how i felt on
That day, when my heart was broken..

Hey, i wrote a poem~ wahhh... looks like a sad poem sia~ dun worry i'm fine.. ;p just my brain juices overflowing might as well collect some n put it into good use..

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