Sunday, March 05, 2006

+Back online+

Looooooong time no online...... 1st things 1st.. for those fortunate souls who can still view this blog... pls relink ah! change to cause the dot tk relinks might affect some... cause of the frames n the pop ups.... anywayz.. not goin to use the .tk soon.......

long story short... my bro treated a can of apple juice to my com.... and it was dead for quite awhile.... found out that the gfx card got screwed.. replaced it... com can be used again....

the exams are over liaoz... now busy with other stuff BESIDES studying... aha.. doing meaningful things..kk started a new blog i'd be recording down wat i be doing for my attachment and hopefully can submit tat as a report.. noneed to crack n empty my brains at the end of the whole attachment thing.....

oh ya.. n not forgeting~ happy birthday to jennet n hanny~!

ah.. jay ah.. if u too bored n is reading my blog hor.. message to u lah.. u calm down liaoz hor.. can look for me lah..i pei u! we hav a drink or something la..

take care now~

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