Sunday, March 19, 2006

+march break? UR head ah~+

soon after reciving my not so great results on 10th (no, i didnt fail), i felt like being released from the cluches of skool.. ha! dun need go back skool take sub-paper.. went to juying to do stuff.. at nite went out to eat supper..

11th.. brought my 2 friends to juying see if they interested in being trainers.. hadda go early cause meeting long lost cchs seniors.. met at marina sq and ate at cartel food was nice BUT SERVING NOT ENOUGH... should hav gone for the seafood platter :D~ most of the time talking about saf.. about how *ahem* they are.. they gonna ord soon, me going in soon.. ended up chatting till quite late tat night..

12th.. watched Yi Dao.. way of the medicine.. hope i translated it correctly.. it's a korean series bout a guy name XuJun n his life as a doctor.. a sinsei.. how he learn his skills and finally becoming a imperial physician..

13-17th.. went to jyps everyday.. doing srg prep for next wk's com.. saw the vid tat wx took.. wat a screw-up AGAIN sia.. ssc really done it again.. lost interest in going to watch frs at ssc.. went to bendemeer on thurs n fri.. they doing triple light.. helped a bit before going back to jyp..

18th.. hitched a ride to jy in the morning.. mr g's car crash into some1 elses.. idiotic driver.. came out from a small road on our left den stop in front of us.. so langa lor.. n she claimed tat we're speeding... crazy.. mr g's car suffered minor injuries.. spoil the day..n missed our breakfast.. mr g hadda send his car for repairs.. borrowed a book called 'cher, cher!' from ms tan.. a short paragraph from the book..

Alamak this woof also come to the house and pretend and ask the pig let him in. Ah Beng got tell Ah Seng everything alreadym so they both not let tua pai lan (big bad person in hokkien) in. So the woof say "Skew(excuse) me if you no let me come in, i will blow the house down." The two pigs think how can, this house abastos mah, how can blow down one? So they don't care lah, carry on do theeir own things lor. Now ourside the big bad woof buey tah han(cannot take it anymore) lah, stupid how can suan tua pai lan. So he breathe in and breathe out and get himself ready to poon(blow) the house down. the two little pigs inside the house can even make face at the woof. Wah lau they so boh chap(don't care)!

after tat, went of early at around 6.30 cause i got family dinner.. arrived at the restaurant abit late.. went back to my house to slack n watch the promise.. aunt bought back bacardi superior for me to mix ;p.. dirt cheap comparing to breezer.. mix my Cuba Libre n watched tv..

19th..became a couch potato on this lazy sunday afternoon.. a nite went out to eat and walked around bugis.. came back watch the last eps of YiDao.. prep for tml.. 2 more days till SRG!!!!!!....


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