Thursday, March 23, 2006

+'The Night After SRG'+

22nd march two thosand and six, wednesday.. SINGAPORE ROBOTICS GAMES were held at nanyang poly for a change.. today was the event we are all working so hard for.. : the schools' robotics competition.. follow a line and collect cans back to base.. sounds easy right? UR head ah~ we been through countless hours of building and programming the robot.... and rebuilding and reprogramming... vomitted jillion liters of blood.. did we succeed? did we screw up again? but all in all.. it's not about the prize(that's just icing on the cake)

it's about the journey towards this very day.. look back on all the hardships we have been through.. the new friendships that are built, old friendships that had deepen.. the old mistakes that we know we must avold the new things we have learned.. this day is the day that we show off to our teachers, our seniors and other schools what we have done.. but how can we know if we are going the right direction? how do we know if we are doing the right things? we will only know if we had someone else to compare to..

and it is on this very day that we can learn so much! the gathering of so many talented students from different schools created a valuable learning opportunity.. an opportunity to learn from others' mistakes and successes.. to make new friends.. to broaden our minds.. to settle old scores.. *ahem..* this is not the end of the journey.. only the end of a season.. AND it is just the beginning of another longer more intense adventure..

This is just the starting.. a warm-up for the things to come..


Orite... wat is this crazy fella doing in the wake of morning writing so much chim chim stuff??.. must be crazy right?.. it's just my reflection on SRG2006... i encourage pple readin to write a reflection as well.. more importantly.. reflect on wat u have done.. wat u could have done.. wat u should habe been done..

morning of 22nd.. on the way to meet mr G.. recieve a msg from him to help him get some tape.. den went on to meet him at kovan and headed to nyp... we were early so we went to a nearby coffeeshop for a break.. den went to the event venue.. was greeted by so many familiar faces from JYPS, XHPS, BSS, SCGS, VS... feels good to see pple from different schools helping, advicing, chit-chat n suaning each other.. got there just in time for the caging in of lobots.. saw many many wierd design as well as some very good and unique designs.. then went in to take some photos of the robots in the quarantine area.. the blacks from JY started the day with a high score of 8 cans.. a target that many schools aimed to beat.. but most failed.. it had been a wonderful day.. learned many new things.. talked to darren.. wanting to go back cchs to help.. no grudges pls.. although i dun say it but i dun feel good went pple go saying chung cheng this this this that that that.. i'm after all from cchs too u noe... took many photos and videos.. oh ya.. speaking bout vids.. today's fh is slow in blocking sia.. normally cant even video a single run of their lobot.. but today.. no1's blocking until their last team's bout to run.. mr g, wx n me and some other guys were cin position to watch n tape their run chit chatting there when all of a sudden, a fh guy came in and went to our front(blocking our view of the playfield).. and started stretching.. i noe something was coming.. so i went to throw my empty drink can and went to another corner and started taping after awhile tat guy came over.. unforturnatly.. he was not tall enough.. he kept tipping his toes in hopes of blocking my view.. den wx came over n took over..(didnt realize tat wx taller den me by so much..) and tat fh guy had no chance of blocking at all.. we were all very amused by his hard attempts to block.. haizz... must do until like tat meh?.. after the match.. den mr G told me that after i left the 1st position.. that fh guy was frentically looking for me..(ask mr g for re-enactments).. after the com.. waited awhile for the announcements of scores.. wx got the special prize.. KCP got 3rd..JYPS got 2nd.. fh got 1st.. went back to jy after that.. the kids were still in thee room playing.. i went to burn the vids n photos taken.. shoo the kids back to rest early.. had dinner den went home.. supposed to slp early tonite but didnt expect that i cant slp at all!!!....... that's another story for another time.. feeling sleepy.. gotto wake up in 2hrs time...

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