Monday, April 03, 2006

+Happy birthdays+

Happy Birthday Kayti!!..
Happy Birthday Ms Gan on the 4th!!..
Happy Birthday Ms Wendy on the 5th!!..
Happy Birthday Mr Junwen / Momsy on the 6th!!..

Wa lots of birthdays~ ;p happy birthdayz pple~!! thank you guys for wishing me a happy birthday.. yup.. had a great dae~ making me feel so special on my 19th birthday~ (ok fine.. i am old liaoz).. makes me think i am so spoilt la~! i am very touched ! you guys know who u r la!! thankZ again! thankz the 38club qian kt ade n yuan for a wonderful lunch/dinner.. thankz bel n huihui for the wonderful cake.. thankz ash n joyce n jayson for the wonderful day out(if not for u all i'd be rotting at home la!)..

THANKZ AH MR KELVIN for making me go back to skool on my bd ah~

Thankz miss Grace teh~! i will remember to flood ur tagboard back~

thankz renee~ but no~ i am not interested in him~

Mad TV - Bae Sung in Court
Found this while blog hoppin~
btw.. Bae Sung is an idiot.. n "Gap Arp Dai" means... u noe lah.. put hand under armpit n produce annoying sound..
and Mad TV - Blind Kung Fu Master on Street

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