Tuesday, December 30, 2008

+What Carriers Aren’t Eager to Tell You About Texting+

they dont tell you that text messages actually dont cost anything!..
New York Times Reports

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Monday, December 22, 2008

+9 more days to two thousand and 9+

9 more days to 2009..
9 more months to ORD..
9 hours earlier to book in..

Sucks to be stuck in camp on 24th and 31st..
Sucks to be in camp till x'mas is almost over!..
Sucks to be on high alert till the celebrations are all over!!!

Sounds like a pretty bad.. lousy.. dreadful end of 2008 for me huh!.. I guess i wouldn't have time after today to blog so shall do some end of the year reflections for 2008. It's been a crazy year with all the Beijing Olympics, the-almost-forgotten SiChuan Quakes, F1 races, netbook wars, Sky-high fuel prices, collapse of the big banks(ahem.. Lehman), shaky global economy, the Melamine Milk Scandal and the recent Mumbai attacks. You name it, we had it 2008. 2008 was peaceful for me amidst the erratic times, spending the 1st quarter of the year training; and looking forward to booking out and got stuck in camp on my 21st bd!.. imagine that!.. After that, life's tranquil in camp for practically 6mths, however, I got to know many friends in this period of time, guess that's a norm in army. These few months was more happening with the end of the year coming, more or less settled down, my camp dudes started to hang out more often.

Inspiring Article from The Simple Dollar: On Giving Up the Dream

It's been 13mths already huh.. It felt so yesterday all over again..
Merry X'mas and Happy New Year!

Dubai is on steroids | MORE!


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